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Thread: Blaser experts please..

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    Blaser experts please..

    Hi, i need a blaser expert to answer me this, are the bolt heads on a blaser r93 sided? like left or right hand eject? i have bought a used right handed r93 and it ejects out the left side into my face and im wondering is this something i can change myself or is it a 50 million pound blaser part i need to buy?

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    You have a left handed bolt head, handy when shooting out the drivers window, flicks the cases into the truck! You need a right handed bolt head to correct this. You can swap it yourself in seconds. Rare second hand unless someone has changed calibre group. Some forces/dealers will require variation for an additional one.

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    Pressure bearing components require permission ........... i.e a variation to acquire and also must be proofed.

    Surely that is what the law and rules say or am I incorrect?

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    Some dealers seem happy to supply bolts and stocks without paperwork. Thames valley insist on variations but wiltshire allow you to buy stocks and bolts as and when. You can turn your spare barrels into rifles and they just adjust ticket foc. Nice!

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