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Thread: Game dealer payments

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    Game dealer payments

    On 28th July I shot a nice buck on some ground local to me near Preston.
    I took the carcass to Mr Ian Banks at Eaves Green Game dealers in Goosnargh. Ian wasnt on site at the time so I spoke to him on his mobile and he confirmed he wanted the carcass and we agreed a price of 35.00 (based on approx weight as their scales where off for repair). I left the carcass with one of his employees and left without a receipt (I know hindsight is the best sight of all)
    Despite passing on my bank details and trying to contact Mr Banks several times he still hasnt paid me.
    I'm not sure where I'd stand making a small claims court action to recover the money (its become a principle matter now more than anything).
    What would/can you do in circumstances like this?
    Below is a link to my website.
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    As you say (it's become a principle matter now more than anything)---put it behing you, learn from it but don't let it take up any more of your time, things like this can grind you down and occupy your mind when you could be getting on with better times..
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    Forget it I think, I know its the principal but its only 35 I lost about 400 to a game dealer 6 years ago he went bust
    pursued it but never got my money, especially annoying when I saw him quite often, living a lifestyle I could only dream

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    Put it down to experience its just not worth the energy chasing such an amount, i know it eats at you but just move on and Remember!!!

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    You could remind him that he owes you it again in writing and suggest that you may ask the local council to check his records for food traceability of the animal in question on their next inspection of his premises. I reckon you will soon have your money!

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    What can one say Limulus,for 35 it's not worth the hassle. ( the learning curve I'm afraid, you know the next time !)

    Think of it as one that got away, if it makes it any easier.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Galling though it is, the small claims court would only leave you more out of pocket than you are already. (As I understand it, costs cannot be recovered from the defendant.)

    Might be worth getting in touch with trading standards.
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    As a lawyer I'd advise doing as the above say. It's a pain in the arse jumping through all the loopholes to get the thing to court and then how are you going the prove you ever took the deer to him. And you would not believe the stress it will cause in your life. I just bought a wiper motor for my car via breakers on internet and they sent me the wrong one. Despite speaking to them 3 times and them promising to get back to me i'm not going to pursue it. I'm 65 light and believe it or not i cant afford to loose it) but I know it's not worth the hassle, and i know the ropes, so i'm just gona let the barstewards get away with it

    If you do decide to go for it pm me and i'll see if i can help



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    scum bag basterd,***** sticks but,hopefully this post will have an effect?

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    Things like that really hurt, my friends and i lost 1600 from a game dealer who went bust , probably the same one mentioned earlier and ended up only getting pennies in the pound back.What is galling is that he went off to holiday in France to miss the flack and is now back in the same business with no shame at all.

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