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Thread: New Reloading gear/happy as Larry

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    New Reloading gear/happy as Larry

    Well its arrived !
    New lee kit and some rcbs stuff ! Think i need some calipers , so I look like the mad professor , got powder , rounds, 150gr for .308 100gr for .243 to start with ! Am as happy as a sandbag in the Sahara!
    Now I can get stuck in there , to those out there who pm,d me thanks for your invaluable input,. Got me a great mentor to kick my butt , and I look forward to the pursuit of perfection!!!!(I just want em to go where i aim that will be a good start!! ) Oh and safety glasses 8)
    Regards Trapper

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    All the best for your first try at reloading.
    Am thinking about it due to the local gunshop not keeping in what I need.

    happy reloading Trapper

    Keep us posted on your progress mate


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    It's great, Trapper!

    You very quickly forget about the inital costs for material and kit, and thereafter have the illusion of free ammunition!

    Last night - no ammunition at tea time, by 8 o'clock I had 10 rounds of 243 and it didn't cost me a penny!

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    Good Luck, I enjoy it, need to get some done actually, that will be the weekends task I think.

    Let us know how it goes.


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    New re-loading gear


    Just got mine last weekend (Lee Anniversary) and I've made and fired my first .243 rounds. (Will also do 25-06 later).

    First shot was a bit of a head trip - for a moment I thought about rigging up a remote trigger pull just in case - but I prevailed and didn't have any problems.

    Already I have determined my goal which is going to be around 41 to 42 grains of powder for a 100 grain sierra bullet. The 40 and 40.5 grain grouped around 2.5 inches and the 41 grain below 1.5 inch.


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