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Thread: Recommendations for 243 T3?

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    Recommendations for 243 T3?

    Hello all,

    I would welcome any recommendations for off the shelf 100 grain rounds to suit a Tikka T3 varmint barrel rifle in 243 for deer stalking & foxing. Appreciate that 100 grain is a little over the top for foxes but would prefer to standardise on one brand & round if possible.

    There seems to be an endless number of options so would prefer to save money & range time by going with a recommendation or two. Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Mate

    I had good results with Sako 100g out of my T3 lite s/s . Federals were ok .

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    My first choice would be sako ammo,perhaps you could get a selection of ammo and see what suits your rifle best.

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    My brother just got a .243 Tikka T3 Lite and is using Sako 90grain Gamehead, they're shooting half an inch groups at 100meters and work great on roe and fox!

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    Hi fella,

    Got my t3 varmint about 6 months ago, I shoot 95g Berger hunting vlds, they shoot less than an inch at 150 yrds, happy days!!

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    I use Remmington 95gr Accutip for foxes and Remmington 100gr core loc for deer. 1/2" difference in point of aim at 100m.

    Try some 90gr or 100gr Privvy, they sub 1" through my T3 varmint. 12 for 20!!!!!!!!

    But having said that just got some 70gr Sierra Blitzking loaded for foxes, sub 1" at 100m.

    No longer use the .243 for deer just a foxing rig now I've got a T3 30-06 lite stainless


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    if you can afford to try a few different makes as my t3 light hates winchester and shoots various group sizes with others with norma the best

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    Thanks everyone, I will experiment and report back. Much appreciated.

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    Don't laugh but i am cloverleafing with geco 105 grainers and at under 20 a box happy days.
    I also had a very good day yesterday with federal 100 gr but for some reason fired a couple of sako 100's and they were 2' low,directly below the other group.
    the federals were 23 and Sako 21 a box respectively.

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    Kent gun supplies are doing 100g RWS spbt for 20 a box, having said that, 100g PPU's do sub 1" through my T3 hunter, KWG are doing them for 11 a box


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