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Thread: Price for Bunnys

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    Price for Bunnys

    Went out mid week and shot quite a lot of bunnys, i was just wondering what price the dealers pay for them? 50 pence each here in dorset but when i went to the CLA this year i got talking to several chaps on different stands and they said that they are paying 1.20. Any one know of any game dealers local to dorset that pay more than 50 pence thanks Luke.

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    Where in Dorset are you?

    I'm getting 1- 1.20 headshot paunched and chilled

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    in west dorset only gettin 50pence with paunch in, shot 46 on thursday nite but the money the dealer gave me for them
    never coverd the cost of fuel or ammo

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    Depends on what you mean by West! Are you talking Bridport or not that far over?

    Paul Johnson- Westcountry Game , Crewkerne will buy them.

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    Hi Luke I get 1.00 each, dealer collects and I get cash on the spot. Usually wait till I have a freezer full, and give him a call
    I've heard about a local butcher that will pay double that. So I think 50p is a bit tight
    Cheers Will

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    yeah based in bridport,i have heard of Paul do you know how much he pays per rabbit?

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    Does the dealer expect them skinned or with fur?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukejr175 View Post
    yeah based in bridport,i have heard of Paul do you know how much he pays per rabbit?
    Think it is 1 rifle shot paunched and 70p un paunched.

    I get 2.50 skinned from my local butcher, might be worth trying yours? Otherwise freeze them paunched and wait till you have a few hundred then cash in on them.

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    I'm geting 80p each unpaunched doesn't matter how they're shot or with what. (We even took some in that me and a mate had shot 'varminting' with his 6.5 x 47 at 300 yds!) But they have to be a decent size. The thought of paunching between 50 and 100 rabbits after a night of lamping..forget it.

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    Got over 100 frozen, paunched headshot bunnies in the freezer at the minute, anyone know where i can offload them in kent?


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