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Thread: Strange year

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    Strange year

    Well that is the first skein of geese of the year going over. Everything about this Autumn has seemed totally out of the ordinary. It just seems so early,and different.
    Has anyone else felt the same??
    The last 2 years up here have been terrible,snow over FC fences etc. But have never seen signs of such an early winter as this!!! Hope I`m wrong!!!!

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    No your right, saw first geese last week overnighted on the loch,saw swallows gathering a month ago, already a lot of the trees coloured, certainly an early autumn whether we will have a hard winter or not only time will tell.

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    100+ pinkies on marsh here that have joined forces with the resident ones..........about a month early here
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Here we've already had snow at the higher elevations. It was 38F on the thermometer this past friday and the leaves are turning. We'll have snow in 5 weeks and probably keep it til May... ~Muir

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    I quite like cold and snow, so I cannot say I am not hopping for a winter like last or even colder. I am looking forward to taking my daughter on her sledge in the streets of Lancaster

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    Saw the first skein two days ago, and saw more yesterday they must know something we don't!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Probably tail end of hurricane set the winds for them.
    dont forget we are all getting older and the years shorterthats how it feels to me anyway.
    Game shooting starts in earnest in four weeks

    Yes I agree with you autum seems early but then all this year has been odd somehow

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