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Thread: bipod problem

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    bipod problem

    Ive a Sauer 202 outback and wnt to fit a bipod, but don't wanna drill any holes in the synthetic stock to fit one. The sling stud is right at the end of the stock and not under it like on most rifles. Does anyone know of an adaptor that can be used to attach a bipod. Have looked at bipods that clamp directly onto the barrel but reluctant to go this way due to effect on accuracy?

    Been told the only route is to drill/tap another sling stud into the bottom of the synthetic stock.

    Hopefully not.

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    bipod problem

    Hi Willtomand

    I shoot a Blaser R93 and had the same problem as you unfortunatly i had to have another stud fitted to the bottom of the synthetic stock.

    Regards fletcher

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    Have you tried using a Karamojo Stick?

    It's a Y-shaped stick, with a pointy end

    When you are ready to shoot, just jam it into the ground and use the "Y" as a rest for the forend of your rifle.

    The tricky part is finding some way to carry around a long pointy thing without getting hurt.

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    Why are you wishing to fit a bipod, are all your shots in the prone position? The reason I ask is that I had a bipod on my rifle for about 3 decades and always found it front heavy but more importantly, I only used it for the occasional shot. In the end I removed it and started shooting off sticks and have never looked back. On the rare occasion that I have to shoot prone I use my backpack as a rest.


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    Life is too short to worry about a hole in the stock.
    Put the swivel stud in, maybe even two so that the bipod doesn't dig in when on the shoulder. (Bipod way up front, sling back a bit)
    Then you can choose before you stalk if you want the bipod on or not.
    Very quick way of having a semi custom rifle.

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    yeh bring it over to mine mate we'll get out the black an decker sort it right out

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    I shoot with a 202, and like to use a bipod solely for zeroing.
    I carved a bit of oak into a sort of horseshoe shaped collar that will fit around the narrowest part of the forend and slide back to be a tight fit an inch or two further back. A bit of candle wax rubbed into the oak makes it stick in place nicely. I have then screwed in another sling swivel into the oak, to which the bipod can be fitted.
    If my words aren't clear enough shout and I'll try to post some photos.

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    I have designed a bi pod with the versa pod as the pod to use . I will post pictures as i member of the site borrowed it .But while you are waiting contact saucer and ask them for a new front stud they will just send one no prob,s as the bi pod will fix to this.

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    I think I could quite easily make a "Sauer to Harris" adaptor.

    If I recall rightly, your sling stud is in the middle of the front of the forend and the swivel stud lies parallel to the barrel.

    So a an adaptor would only need to be an L shape, with a Harris interface slot.

    What do you think?


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    I too have mixed views on Bipods, and have one for the Heym, but actually found I was using shooting sticks most of the time, and all Bipod was being used for was a rest for standing the rifle on when gralloching etc. I have thus taken it off. On the hill I fund it too short for use in heather so usually end up improvising a rest or using a walking stick.

    I use sticks for all standing and sitting shots now. Zeroing I use a backpack. Prone I use the rifle sling wrapped around my arm target style or on the odd occasion when I have a long prone shot my Zeiss 7x42 BGAT Binoculars make a very handy Bipod.

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