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Thread: 30.06 sako

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    30.06 sako

    been using fed fusion in 150grn but want to use a 165-180 bullet what can somebody recomend in factory rounds.

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    Hornady SSTs 150-165-180 grain all shoot well in my Sako 75 the 165 are really good (for me ).

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    i have a box of sst hornady in 165 bought them at the cla at i thought a very reasonable 22.50 ,wil try them as soon as .regardss derek

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    myself ,limulus and toka had a little shoot at a few targets today , used the sst hornady in 165 exellent in the 30-06, groups where touching at 130m .could not get my .243 to group ,proberbly me .limulus had groups well under an inch with factory and reloads with his .243.toka new to centrefire around the inch mark ,.243 with privvy.,all went home happy.
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    My sako 75 came with some 180 grain Winchester 'silver tips' which give a 'one hole group'!
    It's a seriously penetrating round though designed for Elk/Bears!
    I've shot muntjac with them with very little meat damage, but i suspect the round may still be in flight somewhere!

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    am a firm believer in if its not broken do not fix it will stick with the sst 165 .

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    I have been using the 180gr from RWS with good results recently. Have a look at their website RWS HMK The productfinder of this site is nice interactive tool.



    ps I have got a SAKO 85 SS
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    Quote Originally Posted by derek.snr View Post
    am a firm believer in if its not broken do not fix it will stick with the sst 165 .

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