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Thread: Hexamita.

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    Hi lads. What's the most effective treatment for Hexamita, and do you need a prescription for it from a vet? We've lost a few poults, and I'd like to get something into the rest of them as soon as possible.

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    Get a couple of ill birds to the vets for a PM, preferably a poultry/ gamebird specilaist. They'll examine the gut under a microscope. It's the only way to tell exactly what bug/ combination of bugs is affecting them.

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    I am sure you are aware of what a problem this can be, whatever you do, don't hang about!

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    bring back emptril [cant spell it ]
    good luck mate

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    definately a vet job, and the sooner the better mate. We had a right game last year when we took some birds to the VLA for PM ,the vet there told it was untreatable.
    Basically they were worried about resistance to the antibiotics, luckily our vet saw sense and gave us a prescription.

    He said he could treat them from a well fair point of view, ie it did not treat the problem as such, but did treat the symptoms and hence stopped them dying.
    All a bit of a play on words if you ask me but, I suppose this is the world we live in now.

    Hope you get sorted any way,



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    You must get an ill bird to vet and have pm ASAP. Based on this examination the vet may issue a prescription/supply the appropriate drugs.
    In the meantime you must ensure that you are not helping spread the disease. Footbaths should have been in place anyway but if not get them sorted.

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    The advice to get a PM at your vet is sound. It is difficult to treat but often goes along with cocci and that can be easily treated.

    Rehydration treatment is the mainstay.

    Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust - Hexamita in pheasants

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    the best stuff on the market is denagaurd mixed with soludux.
    very quick recovery in fact i personally think better then emtryl.
    must mix with some thing sweet ie ribena as other wise they wont drink it that well.
    after dosing put on probiotics to increase a healthy gut then back on to clean water.
    good luck as need a dry period really for themto get drugs into them and some warm weather as if they go down hill and cold weather they get a chill and its a realup hill strugle from there.

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    Thank you for the replies. We'll get one pm'd to see what we are dealing with. We're only a small shoot, and release 650 poults into 2 woodland pens, the one on higher ground has a bit more natural light, and is doing fime. The other one clearly needs a bit more thinning out, as the recent cold, damp weather has worsened whatver the underlying problem is. We've lost about 30 poults, so a big enough % to cause concern. I was talking to a part-time keeper yesterday who recommended an additive called "tysam" (or that's how he thought it was spelled) but can't find anything about it on google.

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    Hexamita doesn't live very long in a dead bird, so you maybe better sacrificing a poor looking poult than relying on dead ones. You can use tiamulin for treatment, but it is unpalatable so needs flavouring adding as previous posts have indicated. Apache is right regarding hydration.

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