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Thread: ZZiplex Pro Am Beach casting Rods

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    ZZiplex Pro Am Beach casting Rods

    Due to my arm operation earlier this year I am selling my beach fishing tackle. I have two matching ZZiplex Pro Am Match rods. I am sure any beach casters or match fishermen on here will aggree they are a classic rod with a superb action and bite detection. The rods have been re-built by Julian Shambrook and have been used just a few times since then. They have a fuji reel seat in the low postition,captive reducerss, the best fuji rings and rings spaced for a multiplier reel. These rods are exellent for pendulumn casting and although rated at 5 ounce I used a 4 ounce lead as really could wind the power into them with that wieght. The rod ZZiplex make now that is simular costs 411 ...............

    They are a matching pair and are for sale at 450 ONO for the pair.
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    thats a nice pair of rods and cheap too! if i were still doing lots of beach fishing, i would be buying them. good luck with the sale..

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