I have changed the criteria to post new adverts in classifieds to 30 posts AND registered for 30 days. Trade Members are currently exempt from this, theory being that if they have paid a subscription there is slightly better traceability. I've yet to see a scammer on the various forums paying in order to perform a scam, but obviously the normal precautions apply - if they have hardly any history on the forum then be extra cautious and ask for additional reassurances before parting with any money.

Existing adverts will still stand, however I am afraid that if you don't meet the above criteria you will not be able to post any more ads until you have reached 30 posts and have been registered for 30 days. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but in light of recent fraud we had to act to at least reduce the chances of it occurring again.

Anyone can respond to adverts in Classifieds. If you see someone trying to peddle their wares by replying to multiple adverts and offering their own items in order to bypass the above restrictions, please let us know.

If we see anyone doing these things their posts will be removed, quite possibly along with them!