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Thread: Buying a trained dog?

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    Buying a trained dog?

    I'm seriously thinking of buying a BMH as a deer dog. Does anyone sell trained dogs. Just be a case of training me then :-)

    Also having a young family and a 8 year old lab dog, what your thoughts of bringing a BMH into the family.

    I don't kennel my dogs and I live in a rural location

    Any thoughs / advice greatly appreciated



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    My suggestions:
    1 Join the BMHS and ask them about both pups or if they know anybody. They are very much in the know.
    2 Make 110% certain it has a pedigree.
    3 You can occasionally buy a trained BMH from the continent. Guess prices Euro 4-5000.
    4 Follow a course given by the National Gamekeepers Organisation about dogs4deer.
    5 Buy a book about tracking in english. Sondergaard's "Working with dogs for deer" will give you the flavour. If you speak German send me a private message and I'll have a lot more suggestions.

    No problem about having a BMH in the house or with young children providing they come from the right strain. There is one agressive line in the UK that I would avoid like the plague. The Society can tell you all about it.

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    Hi ditto above, i am in the stages of training my bmh bitch nelly 6 mth old see my posts videos , she also is a very well loved family pet, i have two girls 4 and 7 and she loves playing with them. she also lives in the house as i don't think they are great kennelling dogs . they love your company to much. introduce your pup as soon as possible and show your children how to act towards the puppy. i was lucky mixed with pups from birth as she came from my brothers bitch who has worked her professionally for 5 years. so use to the breed. train yourself far more rewarding and you can see how your dog works and your form a great working bond , nelly only has to see tracking lead now and knows its work and not walk and play.
    if you get a good one they are fab dogs, the best for working with deer and very loving to there family.
    start training early 8-10 weeks old is not to early. i am no professionally trainer and nelly has a long way to go, but i am very pleased with nellys progress. so any help you require or tips if you choose a bmh will be more than happy to help
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