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Thread: Diana Hunting tours

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    Diana Hunting tours

    I have just read on the AR forum that Diana hunting agency has gone bankrupt. Hope that no one here has any trips booked with them? .
    I was going to book with them last spring to go to Poland this this november to shoot wild boar but now i am glad that i didnt.

    From the Diana Homepage

    Diana Jagtrejser erklæret konkurs/Bankcrupt/Bankerot den 30.10.2008.
    Venligst kontakt Rejsegarantifonden på tlf. +45 4587 8333 eller på www. for nærmere info.

    Diana Hunting Tours has been declared bankrupt by Rejsegarantifonden (Danish Travel Guarantee Fund) Please contact Rejsegarantifonden Phone +45 4587 8333 or see www. .

    Rejsegarantifonden (Dänishe Reisegarantiefond) hat einen Konkursantrag gegen Diana Jagdreisen eingereicht.
    Für weitere Informationen rufen Sie bitte Rejsegarantifonden an unter der Nummer +45 4587 8333 oder sehen Sie www.rejsegarantifonden[/i].dk


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    Bob, thanks for posting; I was just about to do it myself...

    Their are a couple of guys on here with hunts booked, so I am keeping my fingers crossed they can salvage something either through insurance or if they've paid by credit card..

    Just to add to Bobs post, the following was also posted on AR & is from a Hunting Report Newsletter dated 28th October:

    "From the Huntingreport Newsletter

    A Warning About Diana Hunting Tours

    (posted October 28, 2008)

    Scores of hunters who booked trips through the European booking agency Diana Hunting Tours have had to return home without hunting because the company did not pay operators for trips it has booked. According to a press release issued just last week by Diana's corporate parent, DTG Sweden AB, the company is in financial trouble due to severe liquidity problems. It also reports that a backlog in company accounting was discovered recently.

    The problems apparently started many months ago, as a company press release on Diana's web site states it had to end relations with two hunting operators this summer due to problems with advance payments. There has also been a rash of resignations on the board of directors at DTG, which is a publicly traded company in Europe. Late this past September, DTG even fired its executive director, who was hired only this past March. DTG replaced him with a turnaround specialist whose mission was to increase the company's liquidity. That specialist resigned last week.

    The Hunting Report left messages at Diana Hunting Tours and DTG Sweden AB, but no one has returned our calls. If you have a pending hunt that you booked through Diana, contact your hunt operator right away. Do not get on a plane without verifying that your hunt was properly booked and paid for. See the November issue of The Hunting Report for the complete story. - Barbara Crown, Editor."

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    Diana back in business

    I've had an email from Diana saying that it has been bought out, restructured and is back in business.

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    Hi all,
    I was one of the unlucky ones, although it could have been far worse.
    Stone and I had booked with Diana to go to Poland in January for boar. Diana's chased us for the deposit and kept promising all was going to be fine. Famous last words!
    We did pay our deposit, and they did go bust about a week later. They were members of an assurance fund which means we will get our money back, eventualy.

    The good news is that I have managed to arrange the trip directly with the Polish hunting association we went with last year. I had fortunately become friendly with my guide, and exchanged email addresses. He and his wife seak German, so I was able to build up a rapport with them. The bottle of malt no doubt helped that along too.

    The upshot is we are going on the same dates, same place, with the same guides but a whole lot cheaper!

    Last year I paid 100euros for a 30kg boar. This year 40euros! Sad to see Diana's go bust, but have to ask HOW? With that kind of mark up there must have been a huge cash leak somewhere. I certainly won't use them again, not now I know how easy it is to work directly with the supplier.

    I think I might start doing this for a living, it's far easier than working.


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    Paul k i also had the email,

    Limpopo Travel have taken diana hunting tours on. Andrew Venables is still the agent for England. His email address is

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    Glad bthe trip is still on for you both. That is one hell of a saving. I suppose you will be shooting more now .
    Can't wait to see the photo's after you have been.
    I suppose Stone will have time to use his rifle if he can put his camera down . Only joking Mate


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    well i had my doubts on the whole affair, but since buckup had paid his deposit, i decided to take the risk and go with the flow
    well, they went bump, and i did hear that they were bought up almost immediately, but that made no difference
    as buckup has stated our deposit should be fully refunded and we are still booked on that trip with the same outfitt in poland, just we pay them direct and no middle man
    what a saving by the looks of it
    yes , johnathon the camera is coming along just hav to work out how to use both at the same time

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    Diana is up running again, the founder Jan krosstig “Limpopo travel” has taken over all activities again, hunters who have paid a deposit will get a refund or a new trip.

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    This is not the first time that Diana have been slow in paying their bills. Some 12 years ago they had problems in Sutherland paying some of the estates.

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