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    reloading manual

    Hi all
    just a quick question, i have got a booklet called "the complete reloading manual for the .270 winchester" to cut a long story short it has most powder and bullet manufactures recommended data in it.
    now the question is, take for instance 130 grn bullet\reloader22.
    nosler state their max load is 58grns RL22 giving approx 3100ft\s.
    sierra states a max load of 58.2grns giving approx 3100ft\s.
    but alliant say 60grns as a max load.
    and hornaday quote 61.3grns as a max load giving approx 3100ft\s.

    i know you always develop a load by starting low and building up, but why should there be such differences surely a 130gn bullet by any make should be the same.

    yours confused


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    No. They WILL NOT be the same and that is important! The critical factors will be the primer used and the make of case used.

    A load SAFE in a Winchester case (usually the largest internal capacity of the major US brands) will maybe UNSAFE in a Remington case that has a smaller internal capacity.

    Also primers vary in strength.

    This posting highlights the very real need to use EXACTLY the same components as used in any manual when duplicating any load. And, even then reduce by a full 5% or ONE GRAIN whichever is greater.

    If EXACTLY the same components are not available to the homeloader seeking to duplicate that load consider reducing further the powder charge given in the "recipe".

    The other input that you cannot ever duplicate affects velocity and that will be the length of the barrel used and whether it is "fast" or "slow". That is to say even otherwise identical barrels will often shoot 30 to 50 fps different to each other with the exact same cartridge.
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    I have two of these books, .22 hornet and .223 rem.
    After a good study of them I came to above conclusion as well, but also the info contained in them is from other sources, not all of the same vintage.
    This could account for some of the varying info, particularly as the last two issues off the Vit manual have had a few loads adjusted downwards for this year.


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    thank,s enfieldspares for ansewering my question.

    just for the record i have never felt the need to use a max load in any of my reloadings,
    i always start 10% lower and work up, but have always found my rifles group best well below the max,
    if it groups well and works for me then i don,t feel the need to use max loads, i don,t need to shoot animals in the next county.
    plus a slower round seems to give less carcase damage.

    thanks for help and advise

    regards bernie

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