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Thread: what would you do!?

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    what would you do!?

    hello all. Just wondering what you chaps would do if you were in my situation.. I have been doing the vermin control for a particular farmer nowfor about 3 years. on his patch I lamp about 3 or 4 times a week, keeping thefoxes and rabbits in check. Never had a problem with him, always dropped venison off for nowt and also a bottle for him and his mrs at xmas. Just the other day I was speaking to him about popping down and he mentions he wants 200 for the year now for ME to shoot the rabbits! . At first i thought he meant the shooting rights and to put some birds down and start feeding the duck ponds again..i was however mistaken as there is already a syndicate who rent the land(which I was never aware off) and that it will be only for the rabbits and foxes.. now I don’t really fancy paying that kind of money because at the end of the day i am doing him and the shoot a favour by doing the vermin controle.. is it just me or would you also feel as i do now?! your thoughts please chaps and any suggestions as a way forward. cheers in advance,

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    200 is it worth it to you anually ?? If it is pay..if not........... pass it off . My bet is your not the only guy doing the bunny bashing etc, if your paying get it signed up, sole rights ! (If your keen enough to keep up to it )

    20 rabbits cleaned & preped (40/50)at the working men club a week x 50 weeks =
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    just wait, next year it will be 300,,,cheeky bugger

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    no one else does the lamping.

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    Tink you may find there are plenty out there willing to pay
    Only a week or two ago we had someone trying to sell vermin/pest control by the day how many days to get 200 ?????

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    If its your only shooting permission is it worth it to you try offering less but 200 for a years shootings not to bad if you have plenty of other places to go walk away !

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    Sounds like it comes down to one thing - Is it worth 200 to you, perhaps 300 next year. If not your going to have to move on. I would bet my last dollar that somebody has offered cash to shoot rabbits/fox and that you are getting offered first refusal. Take it or leave it. I am a bit at a loss as to how you did not know that there was a syndicate on the ground as well as you and your comment about "start feeding the duck ponds again" where does this come from?
    It has become a sad state of affairs that shooting ground is just not safe from other shooters. Even although you are doing the job well there always seems to be somebody who is willing to pay cash and take it off your hands.

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    Give the landowner your card and tell him that you will continue to control the vermin for free . But you are not willing to pay for that type of shooting. Then just walk away with your head held high and control somewhere else.

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    as others have stated above it all comes down to what its worth to you .
    personally i would be p ed right off
    just a thought if there is a syndicate on the ground and you could explain what job you do on the foxs
    you might be able to get some shooting back that way or feed a flight pond if their not using it .
    regards pete .

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    I think it's worth it chap, you still get to wear them new Meindl boots 3 or 4 times a week

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