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Thread: HELP, What To Do?

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    HELP, What To Do?

    I've just noticed to my horror that my sauer .308 barrel seems to be pitted. It's my second rifle and doesnt get used as much as it should. I would say it's only fired a couple of hundred rounds and the rifle itself is like new, it's a 202 outback synthetic stock. What can I do, is it repairable or do I need a new barrel?
    Help please.

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    How bad is it Where is it ?? .Post a picture up

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    If it's shooting alright mate it shouldn't be a drama, if it's lost accuracy then the barrel needs to go. Do you leave it muzzle up with a moderator on when it's in the cabinet? If so, what may have happened is that gasses that stay in the mod after firing turn into corrosive crap when it cools, and sometimes they find their way into the bore and do their work while it's in storage. I always store mine muzzle down for that reason.

    I read the Band of Brothers book after the series was on telly, and there's a character called Shifty Powers who was known as a crack rifle shot. He said in the book that his favourite and most accurate rifle from his time in the airborne had a slightly pitted barrel. He got sick of getting his arse chewed every time his weapon was inspected, so once a few of his mates started dropping around him he picked up a newer rifle from a replacement who copped an unfortunate one. No more bollockings, but it apparently didn't shoot as good as his old rifle.

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    Bigred, it's spaced almost the length of the barrel, not sure if I can get a picture. Digger, is stored muzzle up and I'm not sure how it shoots yet as ive just discovered it. Does anyone kno how much a new barrel is??

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    Keep an eye open every now and then one pops up, may not be a 308 tho.
    I think about 600 or 700 hundred should do it, try border barrels.
    Look after the next one
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    Check out J B Bore paste (compound) Depending on how bad it is!!

    Rgds, Buck.
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    As I said in your other post.

    Clean the barrel then shoot it and see how it performs. Once you know if it still shoots well or nott hen you can make a more informed call.

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    Thanks fellas, it's been cleaned ready for a few hours at the range, so fingers crossed. Will post the results in a day or two. Thanks again.

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    The rifle is now knackered. Scrap it and send me the stock. If you put a fiver in with it I'll drive it down to my local recycling depot to get rid.
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