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Thread: At last

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    At last

    Finally got a chance to get stuck in after more blanks than I care to remember, either to far no backstop other deer in the way out with guests and just would not be fair or just plain no bucks to be seen, all in all one of those morning your glad you made the effort.
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    cracking result mate! it always pays off to get out of your pit even though your really really comfy, they are always the times you get somthing!

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    Nice one Pierre, guess the 7-08 is working then
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    Well done - tell us how it happened.

    They look to be in good nick.

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    great result well worth the wait nice photo .
    regards pete .

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    Now the work begins, certainly keep the freezer full for a while . Result

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    Nice work!

    I still haven't wet my knife blade this season. Not enough hours in the week.

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    Great days shooting,patience is a wonderful thing

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    Well I would say that makes up for your blank days!

    Well done!

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