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Thread: Letter From BASC

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    Letter From BASC

    Hi All
    This morning i got a letter from basc stating the following

    Dear Mr P

    According to our records your date of birth is 5.7.46 if this is correct your age now qualifies you for a different membership grade.

    The following change has been made and will apply from the next time your membership is due for renewal.

    Your old mimbership Was Syndicate Member @ = 56

    This has now changed to Syndicate Senior Citizen @ = 56

    Thank you for your support

    David Ilsley
    Head of sales & marketing

    Who Said there are no advantages to getting old ?

    Cheers Geoff

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    Both 56???
    Is that correct, or are you just getting old?

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    WOW !! as a 'Syndicate Senior' that gives you priority over just ordinary syndicate members
    That entitles you to sit in the front row at meetings and first dibs at the tea and biscuits during the break

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    Do you receive a BASC bus pass holder or shooting sports embossed set of dominoes for joining this exclusive club?!?!

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    Hi Geoff,
    how come I didn't get one of those, I'm 3 months older than you ?
    I'm going to demand my rep takes this matter up with the Board of Directors, and that I get the same discount as you.
    See you in Oct for the Fallow, there just sitting there waiting



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    We have made the grade for syndicate Sen Cit and Full Sen Cit the same, no point in having two prices!

    Any member 65 or older gets this discount, so if it applies to you please send me you membership number and DoB to



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    Hi David At this point in time i am at a loss to see what discount you are talking about as i will be paying the same as Before
    Perhaps i am missing Something after all i am a syndicate senior citizen

    Regards Geoff

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    Hi Robin

    at this rate i will need a mobility scooter with all terrain tyres, i will look for one with a dual seat so we can both get on it

    regards Geoff

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    Maybe just a subtle way of letting you know they know where you live...

    What have you been up to, Geoffrey?

    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Until recently we had a different membership rates for people in clubs. Syndicates and Senior Citizens. We also, of course, have people who are individual full members.

    Once our membership system detects that you have reached 65 (assuming we have your Date of Birth) it automatically writes you a letter telling you what membership rates you are entitled to, saying your current rate is X and the Senior Citizen rate is Y.

    Now the rates for club, syndicate and senior citizen members are the same, there is no further discount, but we need to tell you what rates apply to your membership grade.

    Having said that the letter is ‘clumsy’ and I will have a chat with the membership team about it.


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