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Thread: Deer Stalking Holidays

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    Deer Stalking Holidays

    Deer stalking available in Mid Wales with Accredited Witness see the web site at for details. Self catering holiday accomodation and packages available [/b]

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    Hello - special rates available for Stalking Directory memebers at 197 for 2 nights 5* luxury accommodation sleeping 4 people AND 1 x stalk accompanied by friendly DSC2 accredited witness.

    Estate rifles available for beginners and all aspects of advice and training will be given and included in the price. You will be taken to the rifle range first for a short session and safety talk prior to your stalk.

    IF you do not see any deer 50 will be refunded from this price !!!
    Stalking is on Criggion HILL and forestry. Cull fee 150 or 250 for 2 on same stalk.

    Please see for full details OR email me.

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    Have I got this correct, If I come up for a two night stay and shoot two Deer on the one accompanied stalk I have to pay 447 and don't keep the carcas and the accomodation is self catering?

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    Too pricey for me

    Hi Jean,
    I had a look at your web-site and I can't see where we are getting a discount the prices are exactly the same as you advertised.
    Boy's you can get stalking way cheaper than
    Contact Tilhill forestry they offer some good deals for the hind stalking with no limits on cull animals.
    I know whilst people are trying to get on the ladder in stalking it is difficult to gain stalking permission but my advice would be to keep your chin up and don't pay over inflated prices for something that needs to be done-the estates have a cull target that needs to be adhered to so if you don't do it the estate stalkers will need to carry out the culling.
    I know a stalker in Central Scotland who will take you out on a 1000 acre estate for 50+vat and if the beast is wanted by the client it is an extra 25.It is the best roe stalking I have ever experienced with an almost guarantee of a beast.


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    Fallow Stalking

    Right you Guys, firstly I will clarify the price :

    If you want to go Fallow deer stalking the cost is 50 per stalk - If you don't see deer you pay nothing. If successful its an extra 100.

    I am sure that many of you get free or cheap stalking but please bear in mind that this is accompanied by an A.W. at a BDS level 1 training facility and is also not in Scotland.

    The prices on the 5* accommodation are reduced for shooting people, the standard agency price for 2 nights is 204 I am offering it for 147 which is a saving 57 (or a free stalk) or for 3/4 nights its 195 a saving of 81 on the list price.

    My aim is to get you unromantic lot out there and to treat your better half and family to a luxury weekend away which will earn you masses of brownie points AND you get in some stalking at the same time but if you want just the stalking that's fine with me.

    Happy Stalking !

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    Jean I like your style (I'm a sucker for a strong woman)!!

    As we all know, being allowed to stalk is about having 'banked' enough brownie points to give us a pass. I know there are stalkers who have long given up on any notion of romance with their wife/girl friend, who won't have a clue what I'm on about, but for my stalking friends and I, it's all about points! No use having a gold medal hanging on the wall if the wife has taken the kids to live at granny's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Hi Jean,
    If the person is already an AW, holds DMQ2, has over forty years experience and does not need 'brownie points' does he still have to be accompanied ? lol

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    EMcC wrote

    Hi Jean,
    If the person is already an AW, holds DMQ2, has over forty years experience and does not need 'brownie points' does he still have to be accompanied ? lol
    Now you're showing off! To be fair to Jean, I don't think she is necessarily trying to sell her services to the very experienced stalker. I may be wrong.....?


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    I think emcc has got a point. Even with 10, 20, or thirty years experience it does not automatically mean that you have got ready access to land, you may not want the hassle of managing your own bit and are quite happy to pay to go on someone elses. In any event i think that these type of stalking outfits are literally taking the mick out of the people who are really desparate to go out stalking and at these prices one can join a syndicate for a year (which i know is not everybodies cup of tea), go when you want and pay 25-35 per night b+b, or if you are lucky, have access to a caravan.
    I don`t know about any other stalker out there, but i don`t expect 5* accomodation when i go out, especially at 147 for two nights and also, why should you have to pay for cull animals, you are the only people that i have heard that does this.

    I appreciate that you are running a buisness jean, but come on it`s a bit pricy.

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    I am now, recently retired having had stalking on my doorstep for years and would like the odd outing just to keep my eye in, as it were, but I would find it hard to justify paying that sort of money.
    I would be looking for somewhere to help with the cull rather than pay to do something I've done for years and made money from.
    But I can see what is happening, now there are more people wanting to go stalking and willing to pay, so everybody with stalking wants to make a bob or two, so good luck to them, but the best value always comes out on top.

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