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Thread: Advice on New Scope

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    Advice on New Scope

    I am looking to replace my trusty Pecar Berlin 4-10x45 with something more modern.
    I have been looking at possibly
    Zeiss Classic Diavari 3-12x56
    Schmit and Bender 2.5-10x56
    Schmit and Bender 8x56
    Any advice would be appreciated particularly regarding going from a variable to a fixed magnification.
    Rifle is a Tikka T3 22-250 and is used mainly for woodland roe stalking and also lamping foxes.
    Sorry I can't advertise the Pecar on here due to the new restrictions but it will probably be going on ebay.

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    Hi mate, I shot with a Swarf 8x56 for a bit before changing to a Zeiss Duralite 3-12x50.............I did look at the Diavari and also the Schmit and Bender but for the money the Duralite was also has a very fine reticule which is a delight to use.

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    Go for a Docter 8x56 great scope

    Enough money left if you dont have a lot of stalking of your own for more than a few outings
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    May I suggest you look at Meopta scopes.

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    Consider looking a a scope with an illuminated reticule, very useful at first and last light. Additonally now that the nights are drawing in maybe wait for the evenings to really draw in before you go and spend your money on a scope. It's difficult to tell scopes apart in good light might help you make your decision to look through them at dusk.

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    Optically the best scope I've used in the last years is a Kaps 2.5-10x50 illuminated.
    Also have a S&B zenith flash dot 3-12x50 and two Zeiss Conquests 6.5-20x50. The Kaps
    is much easier on the eye even if the mag is at the same setting comparing with the others.


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    out of your list i would be looking at either the ziess or the 8x56, both are very good scopes but if your doing more lamping then i would be going with the ziess but if your the more into sitting up until dark or low light level work it would be 8x56 every time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    May I suggest you look at Meopta scopes.
    Ditto from me... I've got a 6x42 and love it to bits... Might eventually change it, but for another Meopta...fantastic scopes at realistic ( for me) prices...

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    I like the Swarovski 8x50 with the 4A reticle as a good all-round fixed power scope. MacLeod's have one at a good price. The choice in variables is much harder...

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    I suppose I should add that I brought a used Meopta 7x50A quite a few years back and it's a cracking scope. The other I have is an old Meopta Prepov 3x scope that was original fittment to the Brno No2 or ZG47 so dates from the late 50's to early 1960's and once again excellent optics.

    The 7x50 is easily comparable with the S&B 6x42 of the Kaps 6x42 I had for a while.

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