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Thread: dsc level 1 help

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    dsc level 1 help

    anyone know where the nearest place to south wales i can take level 1 dsc

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    BASC is running one soon in camarthenshire

    See the website for booking details

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    Jelen Deer Services run a course monthly - there was a significant Welsh contingent on the last course. Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence for more details.
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    +1 for jelen Mike and is team are great guys

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    cheers lads i`ll check them out aswell

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    Hi there lads there is another NGO level one running at calton moor range on the 10th march two wkends running if u would like anymore info on the corse it is on feildsports channel tonight at 7pm witch was run by the NGO last weekend

    thanks mike

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    and you came over very well mike.think i saw some of them candidates on crime watch.

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