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Thread: Camouflage for rifles and scopes etc

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    Camouflage for rifles and scopes etc

    I have recently discovered a new paint for a perfect spray finish to rifles scopes etc.

    I am looking to see what people think of the finish before I put onto trade side ( and yes to all you out there I HAVE indeed paid the trade fee )

    Just need a few more posts and to be a member for more than the 30 days.

    Hope you all like it and please be honest if you hate it then well will go cry in a corner NOT...

    Thanks all

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0361.jpg 
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ID:	9106 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	air.jpg 
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ID:	9105

    More comments Pls
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    hi pal
    IMHO. its a nice job well finished, but not my thing "too rambo"
    all the best with the venture though

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    Cheers Jimmy

    You should see the inside of my shed. Took a lot of testing paints ETC. Plus the wife wont let me spray the dog and the car..

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    Nice detail. A bit too good maybe, you could put your rifle down and never find it again!

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    LOL - I know mate, you took a fair beating on your earlier posts, but good to see you back as a trade member.

    In any case - it looks like a good job, and as long as it's durable paint, there will surely be a market for your services.

    personally I am not a camo-type of person, I like more traditional wood/blueing, but you might consider a selection of colours rather than just camo. Some will prefer a stock-only coating, or a 'fake' blueing to a stainless barrell, etc.

    anyway, hope you get some business off the back of your hard work.


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    Maybe I should fit trackers too.

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    is that second one on the bench an air rifle? I think I have the same one!

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    Yes indeed. That was the first I sprayed. Did not want to put decent rifle in for my initial experiment. Was very happy with result though.

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