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Thread: RSPCA visit

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    RSPCA visit

    The wife called me in a panic this afternoon, a neighbour had rung her at work to tell her that 2 RSPCA inspectors were noseying around the house and looking at the kennels.
    Thankfully my neighbour is a bit of a curtain twitcher and went out to question them as to what they thought they were doing. They were very off with her at first but she kept on at them until they told her.
    Apparently they had been informed that I had been abusing the dogs and one had been killed recently in the kennels, to which my neighbour replied that she had never heard such rubbish.
    So when I get home I find a very formal note through the door asking them to contact them immediatley, which I do and speak to an unhelpful voice on the end of the phone informing me that they will be intouch.
    Im well aware of their total lack of powers and bullying tactics and am unconcerned but very miffed that for some reason ive been targeted.
    Later tonight the inspector call and after the formalities I question what the problem is to which he replies there is absolutely no problem and was sorry to have caused any concern but they had a call and had to respond.
    Are they working dogs? Yes its obvious they are. Yes it is says the inspector I could tell because they look so well looked after and healthy.
    I could see as soon as I turned up that the allegations were unfounded. What about this utter tripe about one of my dogs being killed in kennel? Well the caller said they saw blood on the kennel floor(at which point im now seriously concerned as to who's been tresspassing) Oh blood...hmmm I think I can tell you the answer to that inspector, why do the dogs look so healthy do you think?, because they get fed the BARF diet alot. Ah yes replies the inspector so you feed them alot of raw meat.....very good your dogs are a real credit to you and im very sorry to have caused any concern again.
    I was glad that my neighbour set them straight though as it could have been abit more drawn out.
    So not all RSPCA are little hitlers which im glad to discover.
    Now to find out who's got a grudge to bear with me things could get very interesting for them.

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    Had a similar thing many years ago.
    I had just weaned some pups and they were creating a row, so a neighbour rang them and said they were obviously trapped.
    I to spoke to an unhelpful voice who though I was guilty.
    They said they had seen the kennels and dogs and were happy with things.
    I made them come back and have a good look rather then be peering through the hedge and bars.
    They gave me a clean bill.
    They were not impressed with the dead pheasants hung off my gate ready for plucking.

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    been there , done that , only it was with my hawks, sspca were asking ME what kinda birds they were and did i need a licence to keep them ,again it was a complaint from someone who didnt leave a name but they are obliged to call round , after a cuppa and a chat they left happy ,

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    Like wise the SSPCA came round the springers blew a fuse,the very person who called them, then phoned the dog warden who appeared when the sspca were here, my neighbour phoned me I was there in a couple of minutes when I confronted them on my property they were on the back foot, when asked why they said they had a tip off the dogs where not being looked after correctly ,mmmmmm I showed them the kennels and conditions they were still on the back foot good bye was in order of the day , I have due to the same person had the warning of a ASBO for the dogs barking ,this is the very person that the same dogs stopped him boat and outboard being stolen bye barking at 0200 hrs they were the best thing since sliced bread after that .

    Some people do not realise that kennel dogs live longer, have half the health problems than house dogs due to a number of factors

    But the goody goody people out there always get there own way .

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrYou View Post

    comes in handy
    Spot on there, Mr Y. For clarity -

    The RSPCA is a charity.

    The Inspectorate is NOT a public law enforcement body.

    Society Inspectors have NO special legal powers whatsoever.

    They have NO special powers to arrest offenders.

    They have NO right to enter your home to inspect your animals or to demand that you answer any of their questions.

    They have NO right of access to shows, fairs and markets other than as members of the public, and can only carry out any law enforcement function as an assistant to a police-officer, upon that officer’s request.

    They have NO power to stop, obstruct or otherwise detain any vehicle carrying animals.

    Whilst the Society’s staff issue criminal proceedings against offenders, they do so by way of private prosecution.

    Members of the Inspectorate wear uniforms which make them as much like police officers as the law will allow. They are not. The LOWEST "rank" in the Inspectorate is Inspector (apart from Trainee Inspectors). Above that they have "Chief Inspectors", "Superintendent", ’ and "Chief Superintendents". None of these ranks are officers of the Crown, and have no legal significance whatsoever.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    been there , done that , only it was with my hawks, sspca were asking ME what kinda birds they were and did i need a licence to keep them ,again it was a complaint from someone who didnt leave a name but they are obliged to call round , after a cuppa and a chat they left happy ,
    Ye me too , with my free range pigs I used to keep,several visits trespassing on my land,ended up bringing a vet up with him imagine his horror when she said my pigs were in a1 health, I am not saying they dont do some good work but from what I have seen from most of them they are a bunch of self important t-----s

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    Now to find out who's got a grudge to bear with me things could get very interesting for them

    If you want to find out anything like that and this applies to alot of things. I am pretty sure if you request that information you will get the old qoute of 'we cant tell you due to Data Protection'. But if you quote (now I might have wrong section) section 42? of The data protection Act, (thought check which part) then you are entitled to know who said what as you would possibly need that information to use in a court of law should you wish to bring an action against your accuser. I know this is true as I had bitter and twisted folk lie about me but my suggestion of legal action using the afore mentioned resulted ina couple arse licking apologies and some red faces. Sad thing is, a few of those invloved are main players in the shooting magazines on a regular basis but didnt have the common decency or guts to apologise too.

    I wish you luck.

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    When dealing with these people and other self-appointed busy bodies I find that it is best to:-

    1. Listen politely for around 3 minutes, remember you owe them no explanation whatsoever and indeed it is best not to give one.

    2. After the elapse of the above three minutes politely draw the discussion to a conclusion by stating that both you and your fellow conversationalist are both very busy people but thank him or her for drawing the matter to your attention.

    3. At this point break off eye contact and turn away

    4. If the other party persists at this point look them firmly in the eye and state the the conversation is at an end.

    5. If the other party still persists they are now becoming unreasonable , ask them for their name and address and if appropriate the name of ther superior and tell them that if they continue to cause trouble you will call the police - at this point your opponent will either depart or become abusive towards you.

    6. If your opponent is now abusive simply tell them very firmly to clear off

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    Good old aRSePCA

    This is how to deal with them

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