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    Well Chuffed

    Thought I would post a wee report on a project I started an eternity ago but only just finished due to other commitments. I bedded my .223 remmy 700SPS with a new stock from Bell n Carlson, also put a Timney trigger on from Edd of the site and a 8x56 SB scope. I also reload my own bullets. Wow! I am chuffed...cracking accuracy , but was before, just seems so much easier to use, seems alot smoother in use and hell was I chuffed this eve hearing a huge pop! as the 50 grains made contact with Charlie.

    One thing I will add is that for a while now I have had doubts in my choice of .223, kept thinking I should have got a .20 or other. But after this eve I am well chuffed as the .223 was cracking on fox and I can use the same bullet on Munti.......
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