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Thread: CG two Stage match trigger

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    CG two Stage match trigger

    I believe Jackson Rifles are or were suppliers of these triggers? Anybody got one fitted? what do you think?

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    Had one fitted on a Rem 700 - brilliant trigger, worth the money, doubt you'd find much better...anywhere!

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    Have shot a couple and have one myself, if you like a 2 stage trigger they are great, certainly on par with a jewell IMO

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    my mate had one on a tikka t3 it was very nice. a company in the usa took the brand over now im sure. and i dont think you can buy them here anymore here.

    worth giving jacksons a ring though
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    Unless I am mistaken Jacksons supply a GC2 universal 2 stage match trigger. I have one which I fitted to my .223 Remmy 700. Dogs danglies as far as I am concerned.

    Suggest you look at their adverts/web site.


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    I've got lots of them (8 I think) from an Import earlier this year.

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    Would one drop into a Sako 75 Syn SS?

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    Got one fitted to my Tikka T3 .223, makes a good gun better, by a long way.

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