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Thread: Travelling to Ireland with Firearms

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    Travelling to Ireland with Firearms

    Next year I will have the opportunity to travel to Ireland to shoot there, as a friend is re-locating shortly.

    I know I will need to show a European Firearms Pass & possibly my Firearms & Shotgun Certificates at the airport (flying with Aer Lingus).

    Does anyone know what else will be required to enter Ireland?


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    May want to check your choice of carrier, I believe AL do not carry firearms....

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    You need a deer hunting licence. Get in touch with the firearms officer at the nearest Garda station to your destination and he/she should be very helpfull. You will need to send them a 38 euros bankers draft to apply for the hunting licence. And your EFP. They do not accept sterling. You can download an application form online. Google 'Ireland deer hunting application form.' You also need to put the name of the stalker you are going out with and where you will be staying as I remember.

    All the best


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    Easyjet is the only carrier you can use. Or come over on the ferry.

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    `Willies` info is DUFF.

    The hunting licence which is free comes from :-

    The National Parks and Wildlife Services,
    Agricultural Offices,
    Main Street,
    Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.
    Tel. 042 9748748.
    You will need to enclose a current copy of a letter of permission from the landowner or who-ever holds the shooting rights.

    The rifle permit comes from the Garda Station nearest to where you will be hunting and costs 38 euros.
    They will need your Euro Firearms Pass also.
    A copy of the shooting permission could be added to back up your application.

    You will have problems with Stena Line as they will not allow you to take your own ammo.
    It is easier to use a friends rifle over there !!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boghossian
    May want to check your choice of carrier, I believe AL do not carry firearms....
    Have checked & Aer Lingus do carry firearms.


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    Hi Chris, if you are going to send off for a hunting licence allow plenty of time. I applied for one some years back and it didn't arrive in time for my trip, trying to get a refund and my EFP from them took ages as well. I'd try and telephone them and no-one answered, reminded me of that sketch with the ringing phone in the empty room (just can't remember who did it!).
    It appears that they send off a letter to the land-owner/person accompanying you and then just wait - if they don't get a reply it doesn't seem to jog them into doing anything else so the 'required by' date on the form doesn't appear to mean a thing.

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    Last year the local Police at Holyhead confiscated my companions hunting knife and took into custody the ammo. which Stena Line refused to carry.
    The knife was recovered after much hassle when we returned.


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    stenna will carry ammo but only on there slow boats ,they should have not taken your friends knife is it was put away well enough ,there is no problem bringing firearms into the country .i had guys and gals out in wicklow with 308,6.5x284,270,7x61,300 win mags ,338. from the uk and denmark .its not like 20 years ago .

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    Cheers all, many thanks for the advice


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