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Thread: REPRO ENFIELD No 32 Mk ii scope

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    REPRO ENFIELD No 32 Mk ii scope

    Does anybody out there own or have experience with the reproduction Enfield 32 Mk ii scopes made by the Numrich Co, USA.

    How good or bad they might be ?


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    you could try PM'ing Duff eyed Doyle on here, its likely that if anyone knows about Lee Enfields and their optics its him.
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    Hmmm I wonder at the markings because if they are as shown on the Numrich web site dating the scope as 1944 production is in fact fraud. They should be dated with the current date to avoid fraudulant use and sales as originals.

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    They usually source pretty good repro / origonal everything else with a good service , so my bet is its satisfactory & better .

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