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Thread: Stalking in the rain?

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    Stalking in the rain?

    I was just wondering whether stalking in the rain is a waste of time or not,(mainly roe)? Am I better looking in the wooded areas or will they still come out to the fields?

    Any advice/tips is greatly appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CZ452 View Post
    stalking in the rain is a waste of time or not?
    A question I've often thought about too... looking forward to finding out :-)

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    i mainly stalk fallow and ive noticed if it raining they are tucked up in the woods, think like a deer ,would you stand in the rain if you could shelter under the trees ????

    saying that wild deer can surprise you at the strangest times.



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    In general roe do not like cold winds or rain and will move feeding areas to get more shelter. If they are holed up for a while waiting for bad weather to pass it can be productive to get out just after the weather clears.

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    I have found stalking in the rain is not very good, except during warm summer days when they enjoy getting out of the woods and cool down away from the midges - on those days it can be highly productive!

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    As a relative novice I have always liked the saying "rabbits after rain" and I think the same can apply to deer.

    They take cover while it is raining and then leave the cover to avoid the dripping foliage when it has stopped !

    It might not be a hard and fast rule but I have taken a few like this....The downside is that you do have to be out there while it is raining as well !!!

    Cheers + ATVB


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    Over the years I have seen deer out in all weathers, but Roe will move to feed on a regular basis and will feed later in the day than some other species.

    Know your ground, and the areas where they can feed in safety out of the wind/rain and you will find the Roe as a rule. In general the thing that puts most deer off is strong winds, especially woodland species as in my opinion they loose two senses, hearing because of the constant noise of the wind and eyesight for the constant movement of undergrowth and branches, it does make them extra nervous.

    The only deer that will not tolerate rain and or strong winds IMO are Chinese Water Deer. If it rains hard give up, they will not show in my experience. But if the wind drops and the sun comes out they will pop up all over the place to dry out.

    Sika do not seem to mind rain too much or Reds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post

    The only deer that will not tolerate rain and or strong winds IMO are Chinese Water Deer. .
    by name, that just makes no sense!

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    I have been out stalking in some awful weather conditions and shot deer, I have been out in some brilliant weather conditions and shot deer, but I have also been out in these conditions and never seen a deer, I think alot of it is right place at the right time. especially in woodland blocks where you are dependant on the deer coning out to feed on young fresh food supply. They have to feed, they might try to stay in the shelter, but survival instinct will push them out to feed.

    Some might try to shelter for longer, like Fallow, but they are notorious for being the most flighty deer and don't like anything that upsets their daily life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    by name, that just makes no sense!

    I guess your right they like damp marshy areas although the area I have access to is not far from Woburn where they escaped and it is mostly large arable fields. It is amazing to see them suddenly come out to dry off after a heavy shower on winter wheat fields as they stick out like a sore thumb. Only problem is judging whether its a buck or doe

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