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Thread: Level 2 advice please.

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    Level 2 advice please.

    Think im about to sign up for my level 2 as i now feel adequately prepared to do it after a fairly active past 12 months since I did my level 1. But I dont fully understand how it works. My basic view on it is you successfully stalk, shot and gralloch 3 deer under the eyes a an AW who then fills in the forms and you submit your portfolio. Is it that simple? also who is best to do it through?


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    George, the portfolio is the same from any centre and you just fill it in the same way. The AW should fill in on a stalk by stalk basis and once 3 ICR's are completed with all evidence signed up you send it back to the centre you registered with for checking and verification. That might take 6 weeks though before it comes back. Registration starts at 100 depending on the centre. good luck!

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    Homework time, I suggest you read through this. It will help you understand the procedure. Jim

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    Hi George

    Ive copied my portfolio to the computer so if your interested pm me your email and ill send it on for you to have a look at

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Most others covered it whilst I was eating my tea!

    The DMQ website will give you a good deal of background info and is well worth a read. Choice is yours as to which centre you register with.

    When your pack comes through it will have a list of Approved Witnesses. Some charge, some are free, some offer no charge witnessing if you are stalking with them - and just about every variation on a theme between those!

    It can be a bit daunting at the start, but it is always a good idea to give the listed Assessor a call to touch base and get a feel for what he is looking for - regardless of audit trails, verification and standardisation it is a human system and everyone is a little different.

    Unless you know an AW, also very good idea to talk to several off the list and again get a feel for them. If someone is a snot box on the phone, then it doesn't bode well for the actual stalk.

    Good luck!

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    Hi george as you have told me in the past many of the guides you have stalked with are stalkers but not DMQ standard by a long way.
    Hope you have already taken on board what we have covered on our outings.
    Dsc2 is cheaper on the doe cull, you can ring me anytime, if you decide to take out some of your own does I can come to you.
    Regards John

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    Thanks for the input everyone will do a read up on different centres before parting with my cash and registering. John I may well be in touch nearer the time about some does just busy getting ready for uni at the moment.


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    Hello George,

    Having recently passed the level 2 I would say the main thing to remember is that the content of your portfolio is driven by you so its up to you to ensure that all the elements of the portfolio are completed to the satisfaction of the assessor.
    Watch out for section 4.2-4.6 if you dont transfer your carcasses to a game dealer, you must answer sections 4.2-4.6 for each ICR if you use your own transport and lardering (i.e. if you're taking the carcass for your own use). Getting questions for all three ICR's that are not repetitive can be difficult for that section.
    Prior to starting your witnessed stalks make sure your AW ok with the grollach method you intend to use. My first witnessed stalk, in the presence of an AW and a very experienced stalker on whom's land I was stalking was almost a waste of time as, having successfully shot a deer, the AW treated the grollach as a training exercise (after the event!!) as I didnt perform the grollach the same way he does it (I did it according to the BDS dvd and subsequent grollachs using the same method using a different AW were all fine)
    Make sure every box is signed, mine was returned for a couple of the boxes not being covered by the AW's signature.
    Try and ensure you make an appointment for the phone call, if you get one, so you can ensure you have your portfolio in front of you when you speak to the assessor.
    Speak to your designated assessor or one of the assessors on the list and get advice from them ensuring you make a note in the back of the portfolio detailing time, date, what was discussed etc.
    If you want to have a chat about whats expected etc drop me a pm

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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