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Thread: Sunday Stalking

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    Sunday Stalking

    Hello All

    As most will know, I moved up from England a couple of months ago......While down south, I used to go Stalking on Sundays occasionally and there was never any problems.

    I mentioned this the other day and was told that there is NO Stalking/Shooting of quarrie in Scotland as this is not permited.

    As far as I'm aware, this is not law but goes back to when society was more religious and followed the "Sunday is the day of rest". I would just like other views especially Jock Stalkers/Shooters but welcome the input from all members.



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    Yes your right no stalking on some grounds on Sunday day of rest and the more north you go the stricter it is held church of Scotland is still well attended up there

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    This came up when i was talking to my dad a while ago. He`s always believed in not shooting on a sunday, ever since i was a kid. I do only go where there`s no houses around. I did say to dad that crop destruction doesn`t stop because it`s a sunday.

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    You will find that most of the hill ground has this rule were no stalking on a Sunday. You are right; itís not law and is something that goes back many years. In the day you were supposed to go to church not out with a rifle.

    Me, personnel i shoot 7 days a week and would not let anything or anyone stop this. Its not like im a church goer anyway and im normally quite when out stalking (unless I get a big red stag full in rutt) I have been known to do a lap of honor when he goes down .

    But seriously yeah most of us still shoot on a Sunday.

    Were in Scotland are you ?.



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    It isn't the law but a convention in some places. But, if a land owner wishes to enforce no shooting on a Sunday they can - so that would have legal weight - whatever their reason for doing so.

    However, I do believe that there is no Brown Trout fishing on a Sunday - I think that is the law, but on the basis now of protecting fish stocks, even though it did start off a religious practice.

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    have to agree with others its the God Squad theory .
    Mind if you are a Pagan does it count!
    The Fisher folk in Scotland line up on starters blocks in Peterhead and other ports , to see who gets out first on the 12th dong of midnight.
    Let your conscience guide you my son!

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    Is it only christmas day that you are not allowed to shoot by law?

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    you just got a brand new FA up your chimney! you must immediately test group it after walking over the kids n stuff glazed eyed and bugger the turkey ! not bugger the turkey just ignore it , but it only works with home loads ! so that gets you out of prepping the lunch Coz you just have to work out a new batch!


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    It may not be law, but if you considered going out in the far north where I have just come from, it would be frowned apon a great deal. And upsetting the locals is something you should take into account, as these are the people you may well depend on for a helping hand in the future.

    Besides there is nothing much to beat a day by a roaring log fire, a good meal and a nice whisky on a day off from stalking

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc
    Besides there is nothing much to beat a day by a roaring log fire, a good meal and a nice whisky on a day off from stalking
    Or a few cans of lager

    I do think that 6 days a week stalking is enough to be honest and there`s nowt like having a day off, especially when you have been up heartbreak ridge a couple of times


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