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Thread: Red Stag Safari

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    Red Stag Safari

    I am currently researching bloodlines of captive red deer. After a simple google search for... Red deer I turned up the following website...

    In particular have a read of the paragraph headed Management of the Exmoor Red deer.

    I would suggest that this t**t, sorry gent, is rather anti firearms

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    What a prat...

    misguided, unknowledgeable and just a fekin drama queen...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    He's a hunts man, through and through, read the article fully and you'll see that. He is VERY anti riflemen ! Talking crap about a subject, it would seem, he knows little about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    He's a hunts man, through and through, read the article fully and you'll see that. He is VERY anti riflemen ! Talking crap about a subject, it would seem, he knows little about.
    The very thing he accuses politicians of doing. I'll not argue with him on that point, but he needs to wind his neck in!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    And does he think hunting with hounds will make the cull of several hundred reds on their own to get the managed herd he talks about ?

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    I read part of it and it's obvious the ramblings of a deluded specimen. For example a Huntsman can always shoot a deer and hit it everytime yet a stalker or anyone else cannot manages this .............................................. Bull

    He also fails to mentioned that the meat of a run beast is inferior to one that is shot whilst it's unaware.

    Oh yes and with all the shooting poaching going on the deer heard is not at it's highest level................................ How come?

    I'll bet he is friend of that twit Kingdom .

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    Thats it legitamise your sport by slating another, people that take part in field sports should stick together and not give such unbalance views to make their choice look better. Didn't know that deer had horns though so learnt something.

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    hi yorksjt
    i agree with you. all field sport people should stick to gether but you dont live in this part of the country that is being
    talked about .any one who owns a stalking rifle ,and shoots deer in this part of country will for sure come in to conflict with these morans.
    even land owners are given a hard time for allowing the shooting of deer so may be you can tell me how this is sticking together.

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    This is the same load of tripe that gets regurgitated every time some supporters of Stag Hunting feel that their sport is threatened - it was trotted out almost verbatim as 'evidence' to the various committees during the debate on hunting with hounds. Even the CA have stooped to using the same tactic on occasion.

    Spot the deliberately misleading and scaremongering statements:

    "This makes it difficult to get close to the red deer when shooting with a rifle so they have to be shot from a distance usually 100-200 yards. When shooting red deer outdoors on uneven ground with the wind blowing aiming at a moving target it is impossible to clean kill every time. If the gun is moved a millimetre the bullet will be several inches away from the killing zone which is quite small, usually the brain or heart."

    "Rifle bullets will travel several miles so if the shooter misses there is a risk to other users of the moor. There are numerous bridleways footpaths and areas of open access on Exmoor so this is a real risk."

    Plenty of others in there as well, but it's a waste of time trying to put the record straight - just like the antis the 'truth' is already hardwired with some these people.

    Although maybe he's open to well reasoned comments after all, as he's kindly provided a comment/feedback webpage : I'm sure he'd appreciate your views on where he's going wrong!
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    I joined with 406,000 others to try to protect hunting with hounds from misguided legislation based on misinformation even though I would not get out of bed to watch it from my window. Now the men with smelly dogs come out with this crap. If this guy speaks for the rest,sod 'em. Why fight for repeal if this is how they repay us.
    This guys mates want to give him a firm slap upside the head and tell him to stop alienateing them from other hunters.

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