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    lawrence catlow

    this has nothing to do with stalking but does anybody know what has happened to lawrence catlow ? he usded to write for shooting times but he has not done anything for ages ?
    I have a couple of his books and usded to look forward to his articlec alot ?

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    I quite enjoyed is articles for a few years, but I thought they got stale. There is only so much you can write about shooting four ducks over a flight pond.....

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    I've spoken to Alistair Balmain the editor of Shooting Times & it appears Laurence is not well & had to take a break, his doctor has told him to take it easy. It's been left to him to decide if he's up to writing for Shooting Times again in the future.

    I had some correspondence with Laurence a few years ago & found him to be a very personable & likable chap, I always enjoyed his articles & have a couple of his books as well.

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    Thats a shame I liked his articles, wish him well if you speak with him again?

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    that is shame ,he retired and gave up smoking ! how often do you here of that happening , i have been waiting to find out how his shoot has been going ,wish him well and a speedy recovery and crack on with the pipe !

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