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Thread: Blaser r93 left hand

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    Blaser r93 left hand

    Hi there lads here i have for sale a very nice blaser R93 in left hand in 7mm08 rifle all weather.
    30mm rings sadel mount
    Bypod+forward sling point
    Also has a custom made mod to fit just short of the forend
    This package has also has a 243 barrel with custom mod to fit the same (just short of the forend)
    It also comes with load data for both.
    Also has bolt holster.
    This can go as a full set up with a 3-12x50 duralyt for 3000.
    But also can be split down to what eva your looking for.
    For split price please pm me.

    thanks mike
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    It's right what they say about you Mike you're the guy to speak too if you need a left hand rifle nice setup wish I had the cash,


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    thank you garry and it is a nice set up for the right person


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    Your right Mike would make a really nice set up for some one like me, ticks all the boxes for me fox and deer but I would not be able to get it through customs with out declaring it! ie, the missus


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    Yes that is very true garry i have a few left handed rifles for sale at the min so if ur after anything just give me a ring

    thanks mike

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    how much for scope and mounts? thanks.

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    hi mate dont want to split the mounts from the rifle but the scope can go for 575 witch is new and also got a duralyt 3-12x50 illuminated for sale at 850

    thanks mike

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    hi there lads this is still for ale anyone welcome to come and view and try
    thanks mike

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