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Thread: RCBS Customer support

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    RCBS Customer support

    I was having a problem with my RCBS reloading equipment, I knew what the problem was but getting hold of the parts from a local RFD and importers was virtually impossible and so I decided to e-mail RCBS through their website and told them the problem and what I needed, I asked them for a purchase order so I could make payment and get the parts shipped to me, this is the reply I got,

    I am sending the parts you have requested under warranty - no charge. Thanks for choosing RCBS and have a great day!

    Thank you,

    Technical Services/ap
    ATK/RCBS Operation
    (800) 533-5000

    The parts are for a Rockchucker press that I have no idea of it's age but not the current model, I think this is excellent customer support and they have not asked for any proof of the problem and are happy to ship the parts from the US free of charge,

    So if there's anyone with RCBS equipment issues then I would highly recommend this line route for getting any parts you need,

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    I couldn't agree more, an excellent company to deal with

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    I had a complete Chargemaster replaced. The only down side was that I had to pay import duty and a handling charge on the scond one as well.
    They didn't want me to send the faulty one back, told me to destroy it !!
    I destroyed the keypad and powder charging bit that was faulty but kept the scale. I now have a spare set of scales which come in handy when only reloading a few cartridges.

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    very good service. they sent me a new pan, pan arm and shots for my rcbs 505 scales

    after i was cleaning it out and lost all the shot in the pan

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    Me too, they are genuinely very helpful. Pity about their British importers (GMK).

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    Rcbs have just done the same with me...and have before. Customer service is second to none.

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    I managed to break an RCBS item so I emailed RCBS in the US and explained that the damage was 100% caused by my stupidity and could they invoice me inc postage to UK and I would pay.

    Got an email back same day saying they would post the replacement part free of cost "because even stupidity is covered under our warranty Sir".

    I have also had the same level of service from Hornady direct.

    Sometimes I wonder why we stay in the UK.
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    Yes cant fault them. I brought a set of scales back from the US and there was a part missing so emailed them and they sent the part over F.O.C . Cant say fairer than that.

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