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Thread: ase m17x1 thread for ase compact or ase cqb

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    ase m17x1 thread for ase compact or ase cqb

    as above i have a m17x1 spigot thread for sale to fit ase compact or cqb mod.
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    i had to get the thread changed in the back of the mod today to fit my 270.

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    I have a rifle with a m17 spigot thread and have been wondering what to do with my m18 thread moderator. This has planted an idea....

    I don't have an ase, but do you know if it would fit a A-TEC CMM6? If so I'll have this please.


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    i dont knowmate as i have never seen a atec in the flesh. i dont even know if the thread on the back of the atec can be took off. but i would say no i dont think it would fit.

    what you could do to get your mod to fit your other rifle is have a thread made up to fit your screwcut which is then thread on the outside m18 this will then let you use the mod on that rifle.

    my friend had our local smith to do one on his tikka m595.which was 1/2 unf. the mod he got was m18x1 the smith mate him the adaptor and all was fine
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    Cheers for that. I think I'll probably go down the same route as your friend.

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