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Thread: Roe head measurement

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    Roe head measurement

    Can anyone assist to whom I might send a potential medal roe head for measurement/assessment? I live in South East England. The head has been dried although it was shot less than 90 days ago (weight 390 gms (90
    deducted) and length of tines = 26.5 cm average)
    Thanks in advance,


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    I sent mine to a chap called Tony Dalby-Walsh. His details are on the CIC website. He is a very helpful and easy to talk to about this sort of thing.

    There are also some rough guides to medal classes on there too.


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    ...and the head will have to have been drying for 90 days before you send it in.


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    As a rough guide to the potential score that your Roe head might reach, the following net weights are given to indicate the possible medal status. Please remember that these are net weights for a short nose cut and that there are other factors involved in the final measurement. A full skull will require 90grms to be deducted to achieve the net weight:

    Bronze Medal 365grms
    Silver Medal 420grms
    Gold medal 500grms

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    Personally when I lived in the South of England I'd go to Dominic Griffith, now via BASC, he lives in Hampshire.

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    chris rodgers euton estates thetford 07950 455679

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