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Thread: Problem finding suitable 260 rem load.

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    Problem finding suitable 260 rem load.

    Hi guys, I have a problem, I shoot a 260 rem 21" barrel, I was using 120gn sierra prohunters over imr4024 getting 2880fps, but found these were separating upon impact and making a mess of roe, found a jacket in the haunch and core separated in the shoulder/spine. Tried slowing these down but then they didnt shoot well in my rifle.

    So I changed to Barnes TTSx 120gn over H4350 getting 2730 fps, and getting almost no expansion at all but a hell of a lot of bruising. Cant go much quicker as already just over max load, using 43.5gn H4350.

    So I guess I've gone from one extreme to another, has anyone got a happy medium, dont need laser flat trajectory or a million fps, just a reliable round to do the job without smashing carcasses to bits, but leaving a good trail if the shot isn't 100%

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    Covet a 260 but dont have one - but did use a 6.5x55 and found it loved the Hornady 129grn BTSP. Performed very well on Roe and Red. Worth a try?

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    Try 120gr ballistic tips. I woul just set them on you prohunter load and see how they work.

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    I use hornaday 129 gr sp in mine pushed by reloader 17, mines a 20" barrel.

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    i,ve used hornady soft points in various calibres for 20 od years and everything from sheep to big reds with them they seem very reliable.

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    You could try the lighter tsx I think they do a 100 grainer.

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    Surprised about the Pro Hunters separating and causing excessive carcass damage, I've used them on goats, red and fallow without encountering that problem. Have also used 129gr SST with excellent results.

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    Thanks you to one and all who took the time and trouble to reply.

    I think there are two options I will try, the 120g Nos Bal Tip with the slower H4350 load. And will also try some 100gn ttsx as I have read the TTSx performs better when pushed along a bit quicker than standard constructed bullets, and also punch well above their weight in terms of penetration.

    I too was surprised about the Pro hunters separating, but have since read quite a few people have had similar problems in a variety of calibres, and I just cannot justify travelling so far to damage carcases to the point that 2/3 of the meat is fit only for the dogs.

    Thanks again, I'll post up some results when I have them available

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    I use hornaday 129 gr sp in mine pushed by .....
    Ditto with N165 or RL-19. Good luck. JCS

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    You could of course go heavier, like 140gr Gamekings, Hornady, Nosler partitions etc, if your twist will support it.

    I use the same powder charge with the 120gr prohunter and the Nosler but the nosler is a longer bullet by some ways so seating depth needs attention paid to it.
    Got a box of 125gr partitions i've not tried yet.

    Powders I've tried, N140, N160, N550, Rl19... RL19 was the only one my gun didn't like.

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