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Thread: Duck flighting seat?

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    Duck flighting seat?

    I have just rented a great duck pond near Stirling and it has not been fed or shot for three years... Any advice?
    We shot it last Saturday and found kneeling in a hide restrictive and i would appreciate any advice on a good shooting stick that maybe rotates but not the 35 plastic bucket type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    but not the 35 plastic bucket type?
    Why not Red, they work well in pigeon hide (plenty of storage) ?

    or are you a Heavy weight.

    Atb, Buck.

    PS. The trouble with the stick seat is they always sink if on soft ground.
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    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    35 for a 5 gallon drum with a pad on the top seems crazy. I shoot really badly sitting or kneeling plus duck have to be looked for constantly to get a chance of a shot.

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    Get yourself one of these and hopefully you'll not get a chance to sit!!

    best of luck with the duck!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Just build your duck butts tall enough that you can stand, add a post and rail seat at the back if you feel you need to take the weight off your legs, if you are talking about evening flight they dont last that long so standing for that period of time should not be a problem, especially if there are plenty duck about.

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    For years I have use a "Directors Chair" for both pigeon and duck shooting.
    It folds up easy for storage in both the car or shed and does not sink in soft ground.
    I got mines from Crockets in Glasgow for 30.00 and would not be without it.
    If enquiring ask for Robert Spiers.



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    A directors chair, seriously, you're going to kill me! I didn't realise this had become an armchair sport!

    just fooling around guys..seriuosly though, just build a couple of seats, fire two half fence poles in to the ground 2ft apart, and knock a sitting board on top, then plant a few tall willow shoots in front/around which you can trim down to desired hight every year, and since its a wetland, willow cuttings can be stuck straight in the ground and are likely to catch on.

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    I am of an age that comfort is important, but does not retract from the enjoyment of the sport.



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    Great replies, i think i will make another hide as i take a guest every outing and i will add the seat in the hide as a permanent fixture... Thanks.

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    I've seen 1000L IBC water tanks converted to duck flighting butts. cut the tank itself out, keep the steel frame, build a wooden seat inside and cut a small door way slot, then plant around/through the steel frameword. a year or two later you have a very well covered shooting platform that will always retain its structure.

    I personally enjoy just the simple wooden seat with some willow plants in front, which can also be seen with ramblers enjoying sanwiches on them at times, watching the ducks on the pond - LOL..

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