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Thread: Midland game fair

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    Midland game fair

    hi all

    Has anyone been to this years Midland game fair today was it worth the trip? I'm thinking of going Sunday I've not been to any game fair for a couple of years due to work and was gutted when CLA was cancelled! So will the Midland be worth the trip?

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    Depends what you are looking for.

    Traffic was not to bad this morning, hit the queue at about 8am from the M54 way, in by about 8.30 easy.

    Acres of people selling cammo, clothing and guns but very few selling high quality gear. Ziess have the new rangefinder scopes on their stand and Swaro have the new Z6 scopes on theirs. Ziess wins it for me. No Reloading Solutions so Norman Clarke was 3 deep all day. One or two shotgun cartridge suppliers but why someone would want to move a thousands carts on a sack barrow 300 yards to their car is beyond me. . Ian Openshaw did a demo with his cocker pups in the main ring.

    Not much in the way of gamefarming, no seed merchants, only one feeder supplier. BASC,NOBS, NGO,BDS,CLA all have stands.

    Left about 4.30, about 25 min to get out onto the road, again not that bad compared to past years.

    I spent a fiver all day plus a bit of grub. I simply did not find the quality items I was looking for.


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