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Thread: Deer in the news

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    Deer in the news

    looks like Deer are back in the news again
    "Politicians must be allowed to panic. They need activity. It is their substitute for achievement"
    "'The matter is under consideration' means we have lost the file. 'The matter is under active consideration' means we are trying to find the file."

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    How did deer get to be the eco public enemy number one over the past few years?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Same old story.... According to these people at NE, NOBODY is doing a good job of managing deer, yet I would love to know, how many of the landowners in the areas surveyed for this article, have refused to let people stalk over their land......

    You can see from posts on this site alone, that people are crying out for opportunities, all over the country, yet, try to get the access / permission, and it is another refusal....

    Claret Dabbler makes a great point though... It is not always the deer at fault... but you can`t say Badgers, or Boar can you...

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    Actually to my mind what they're driving at is taking the management and control out of landowners and private hands and it will become another quango with "trained" professionals employed by said quango to do the deed. with rights of access any time anywhere to do their work.

    Velkom to da state comrade!

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    "if you dont shoot them they eat all the trees" dont need to be a Biology graduate to work that one out!!

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