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Thread: stock refurb

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    stock refurb

    My old CZ 22 is looking kinda tatty. I've thought about having the stock refurbed. Do you think its worth doing or trade in ?

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    if you like the rifle, it's in good working order, and it's 'part' of your daily life, why trade it in? if you feel the stock could do with a refurb, maybe get a quote from

    also, you can probably do it yourself too if you do a bit of utubing, ..if you mess it up,,then get a pro to fix it! LOL

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    I tried doing up an old air rifle that I was given. I did an ok job but not a patch on a pro doing it

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    I did mine a few years ago, worked out ok.
    Slideshow (i hope)


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    Try CCL products, widely available i.e in most gun shops.

    I have just stripped the finish of a sidelock, sealed and stained it and now on the 3rd coat of conditioning oil. As oil finishes they wear well, and are easy to maintain.

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    there is a guy on pigeon watch --straightshooter 1 exellent stock work and reasonable price ,did an aya for me a couple of years ago

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    that looks great neil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    that looks great neil
    Thanks I like it, just wish I had more land that I consider safe for the humble .22lr

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    Actually re-finishing a wooden stock is not that difficult. When i acuired my Brno Model 2 the stock finish was worn in a couple of places to nitromors stripped it off. A light buff dwn with Scoch brite to remove whiskers after the water wash to neutralise the Nitromors an then once dried hand rubbed coats of stock oil or Boiled Linseed Oil now looks like this:-

    Also did this one some dozen years ago now:-

    I didn't like the feel and slipperyness of the factory poly finish.

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    What do you do at the chequering ?

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