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Thread: Rabbit Recipies

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    Rabbit Recipies

    Have been eating more rabbit recently. I have a couple of good dishes but want to try something else. A lot of things ive tried from books or mags have been awful. the bunny burgers were bowfing.
    Im looking for some good slow cooked casseroles that kind of thing.

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    The secret is to get all the blood out of the meat. put the skinned rabbits into a large pan or bucket in the sink and leave the tap trickling in all night.

    Mark Gilchrist does some excellent rabbit recipes, look him up on youtube
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    Somerset Rabbit.

    1 Rabbit
    2 Tablespoons Flour seasoned with salt and pepper
    2oz Lard or oil
    1 Onion chopped
    1lb Mixed root vegetables, scrubbed and cut into chunks
    1 Tablespoon tomato puree
    1 Teaspoon Yeast extract, such as Marmite
    1/2 Teaspoon Mixed herbs
    1/2 pint Cider
    1/2 pint Chicken stock
    Salt and pepper


    Keep rabbit whole or if it will not fit in casserole, cut in two between hind legs and rib cage and dust over with seasoned flour. Heat lard or oil in a pan and turn rabbit in it until brown. Lift out of fat onto plate.

    Fry onion gently to soften. Put rabbit in pan or casserole. Put veg on top and add other ingredients cover with a lid or foil. Either bring to boil and simmer until tender about 1 1/2 hours, or put casserole into a warm oven, gas 3, 325F, 160C, for about 2 hours or until tender. Lift out rabbit, remove all meat from bones and return to pan and re-heat. Serve as a stew with potatoes and green vegetables or with pasta shells.

    Serves 4. Goes well under a pie crust or with dumplings. Freezes very well.

    Rabbit Casserole

    Serves 2-3
    Preparation time less than 30 mins
    Cooking time 10 to 30 mins


    110g/4oz rabbit, diced
    85g/3oz seasoned plain flour
    2tbsp olive oil
    2tsp fresh thyme leaves
    30ml/1fl oz white wine
    55ml/2fl oz double cream
    290ml/˝ pint vegetable stock
    1 orange, zested
    1 tbsp fresh chives, chopped


    1. Heat the oil in a large pan.

    2. Dip the rabbit in the seasoned flour.

    3. Add the rabbit to the hot oil and sauté until browned.

    4. Add the thyme leaves.

    5. Pour in the wine, cream and stock and stir.

    6. Add the orange zest.

    7. Simmer casserole for 12-15 minutes.

    8. Remove casserole from hob and pour into a large dish.

    9. Top with chives and serve.

    Rabbit with a sting.

    1 rabbit, jointed.
    Stinging nettle tips.
    Wild mint. *
    Wild thyme. *
    Smoked bacon.
    Salt and pepper.

    *You can use any herbs you like if these cannot be found.

    Wearing a glove, harvest the tips of the nettles. Take the top inch, including the stalk, fill a carrier bag to about quarter full. Wash them thoroughly and blanch them in boiling water for a few minutes to remove the sting. If you are using wild herbs, wash them and remove the leaves from the stalks.
    Now chop the mushrooms.
    Take a sheet of tin foil and make a bed of nettles and herbs then season, now lay on some rabbit, then some mushrooms, nettles, herbs and mushrooms, seasoning as you go. You should end up with 2-3 layers, finishing with a layer of nettles.
    Wrap loosely to make a parcel and put in the oven at 180C for 35-40 minutes. After 25 minutes, open the foil, baste and leave the foil open so the meat can brown.

    Or simply casserole in a good quality tomato soup using fresh vegetables and parsley flavoured dumplings.

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    As said water and bleed. Take rabbit and joint it, get a 25/75 flour and tikka mix and get it well covered in mix. BBQ, beer and yummy yummy.

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    well by coincidence I just made some Rabbit Rogan Josh last night!

    anything that contains spice/herbs/sauce that can be done to chicken will make a good rabbit recipe.

    Personally I find the taste of rabbit just by itself can put people off.

    I dished up some Tandoori Rabbit and Pheasant skewers at a drinks party an no-one would believe me that it was rabbit/pheasant, they all assumed it was chicken!

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    today I found out that rabbit is the most healthiest meet you can get. My wife bought this slow cooker recently tried rabbit.
    olive oil,onion and garlic fried pour it into slow cooker
    then fry rabbit peices until both side brown
    put into slow cooker,add 500ml chicken stock, salt and peper, finally some veg. 6/7 hours cooking. very please with outcome.

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    This is my take on two or three different recipes, mainly coq-au-vin. This works well with rabbit, chicken, partridge or pheasant. No measurements really here, just adjust as you go along.

    2 large onions, chopped finely.
    4-5 cloves of garlic crushed and chopped fine.
    5-6 slices of smokey bacon or pancetta cubed.

    Sweat off the onions and garlic in a large pan with plenty of olive or rape seed oil. Add the bacon after a few minutes and continue until the onions are clear and the bacon cooked.

    Add Thyme, Majoram, Rosemary, whatever you have and like.

    Take 4 breasts of chicken, or 4 whole partridges, or 2 rabbits jointed, or 2 pheasants jointed.

    Dust of the meat in seasoned flour. Add to the pan and brown off in the oil.

    When the meat is well browned, add two large glasses of a decent red wine to the pan. Add mushrooms or a few chopped carrots and celery sticks of you like. Bring the pan to a good boil and keep it there for a 4-5 minutes. If you think you don't have enough liquid, add some chicken stock.

    Transfer the lot to a casserole dish.

    Add plenty of salt and pepper.

    At this point I add a small tub of double cream and two large teaspoons of english mustard and mix it through the dish. You can let it cool at this stage and finish it later, or else stick it straight in the oven at 180degC for and hour and a half.

    Serve it with with nice new spuds and the rest of the plonk. Bit of crusty to wipe up the juices.

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    I usually put my rabbits overnight in salted water to draw some of the blood out and remove some of the 'taint' that some people detect.

    And it's easy to have 'dry' bunny, so you may need to consider how you 'lubricate' them. I can hear the sniggering already......
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    Here's a link to my rabbit and venison sausage recipe if you are feeling adventurous?:

    I also occasionally do a nice pie!

    Get a load of rabbits jointed and stick them in a big stock pan or slow cooker with some chopped cooking bacon and onion and chicken oxo. Boil until tender. Strain off water and remove all bones. Stir in a white wine 'cook in' sauce or similar. Homepride do a 'chiken tonight' one with honey and mustard which is marvellous! Place in a pie dish and put sliced mushrooms on top. Stick a lid of your preferred pastry on top and chuck in the oven until the pastry is done. Hey presto - Rabbit Bacon and Mushroom pie!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    The secret is to get all the blood out of the meat. put the skinned rabbits into a large pan or bucket in the sink and leave the tap trickling in all night.

    Mark Gilchrist does some excellent rabbit recipes, look him up on youtube
    On the ball , i do it with all meat , a must before the fridge for 24hrs minimum !

    Try Honey & red wine soaked over night, slow roasted with smear of goose fat , wrapped up & steamed veg.....oh no !! I need food ...

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