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Thread: Swarovski 10x42 EL's

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    Swarovski 10x42 EL's

    Swarovski 10x42 EL available end of the month, possibly sooner.
    They are 4 years old and in excellent condition with no marks on the lenses, there's a couple of marks where the black has come of the hinge.
    They come with warranty card, digital camera adapter, unused case and original box.
    Looking for 950 ono including special next day delivery. These are advertised elsewhere.
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    What a bargain! I can recommend these binos, I have a pair.

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    i will second that,they are the best binos u can buy in my opinion,mine are in same condition with a couple of marks on the glass but doesnt affect the performance,i expect to see alot for sell now and range finders now swarovski have brought out there el rangefinder binos

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    Any body got a price on the range finder bins yet
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    Swarovski quoting 2100 upwards. That was list price given at Weston park game fair. They am the dogs danglies. Apart from I have a lazy left eye and I found it difficult to see the read out figures which are in the left tube. I had to look down with left eye.

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    ive been told 2195 quid at bushwear,cheap as chips they are not

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    Open to sensible offers.

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    Still available.

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    i am very surprised u havent sold them m8,maybe time to drop the price a little

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