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Thread: Lithium Iron Battery

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    Lithium Iron Battery

    I see a few places are doing Lithium Iron batteries for lamping, trouble is they spank you when you buy them as so expensive. Are there any Lithium batteries available off the net that will do the same job but cheaper. I looked but couldnt find any

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    Too heavy for me, these Lithium Iron ones.............

    When it comes to batteries it's the same as optics, cheap is.....


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    I have to agree with Stan the cheap batteries are cheap for a very good reason.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I think you mean "Ion" rather than "Iron". Suspect the second post was playing in that as Lithium Ion batteries are significantly lighter than similar batteries in Nickel Cadmium format.

    one thing I learned the hard way is batteries are batteries. the packaging and layout is the expensive bit.
    A Bosch cordless drill battery is as much as a drill!! yet take them apart and they are full of cellular batteries that you can buy for pennies at Maplin or RS!

    decide what power rating, amp/hour you want have a look for generic battery cells at any decent electronic supplier and then work them into a carrying package that suits you.

    any old charger set at the rating will recharge them. I use a phone charger for one

    much cheaper and may even be longer lasting.

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    Thats a good idea as we have a 'battery bay' here at work and reckon they will be able to sort me something out.##Cheers


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