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Thread: fox calibre noise.

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    fox calibre noise.

    im thinking of getting a fox rifle. i have some ground that would be useful to have a nice quiet rifle.
    i was thinking of 22hornet, 222, 223.

    generally most of the shots are under 200yrds.
    my question is what is the better calibre noise wise??? it would be moderated.
    is there much difference between the above???

    ATB matt

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    Matt, not much difference between them depending on the mod used, I use a .204 with a predator 8 mod and there is not much difference between that and my mates .223

    Regards Tony

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    I have a .223 and .22 hornet, noise wise there is a great deal of difference, depending on moderator.
    (even without a mod the hornet is usable for me, the .223 not a chance)
    The hornet with a sac is quieter than the .223 with a pess t12, and about 550 grams between them in weight, not to mention the t12 is 200 dearer.
    My hornet is now my most used rifle, does everything I need, fox out too 200 yards, but more usually my foxes are shot at 130 yards or less.
    It is also cheap to feed if you re-load, to the point the HMR has been unused since last september, even the .223 has only been out once or twice.
    I have tried other mods on the hornt, including an A-tec CMM6, too heavy and not as quiet as the sac.


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    Not much between them.

    223 ammo is alot cheaper (222 is very expensive in comparison) so you can go and practice without it costing a fortune. Also they have enough punch out to 300-400+ yards. I personally don't like shooting at the maximum end of a calibre. I knw a .22 rimfire will kill at 120yards but can also wound if the shot is a little off.

    Hit the back end of a fox at 250yards with a 223 and it won't go anywhere(with the right bullets)

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    I would go with Hornet6 here. I recently got my first Hornet and found it spot on for fox out to 100 yards ans significantly quieter than my 223, Cheaper to run as well. All in all a very nice rifle which does the job.

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    cheers for the replys, it would be more close shots than long one out to 100 most of the time. so the hornet to probably better suited.

    atb matt

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    Out to 100 you could use a .22WMR and moderator quite effectively...

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    .17 fireball quieter than .204,.222,.223 more leggs than the hornet and will easily drop a fox at ranges up to 300m

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    i have heard of the fireball but know little aobut it, i kinda dismissed it because of a mate with a 17 hmr for foxes i wasnt keen on it for foxes. imo.
    how does the fireball compare to the hmr.
    atb matt

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    I had .17 fireball and out to MAX 200y would kill clean with 25g bullets.
    My mate has shot 2 foxes,at less than 100y with 20g both needed second shot.
    We both shot out to 300y,(at crows) both allowed same windage,my 40g .223 hit ,The .17 drifted another 8"
    you hit fox with .223 ,you have more margin if any error with wind reading etc.

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