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Thread: Roe wont go down!

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    Roe wont go down!

    Ive been out yesterday and this morning using a sauer 6.5x55 with federal powershock 140 grain soft point.
    Both times i hit a roe in the boiler room and both times it walked off never to be seen again.
    Whats going on ?im a newbie and this is the first time ive shot deer but the shots were good and they hit the mark.The gun shoots fine at those ranges on paper and ive tested it since so no loss of zero.
    Should i be using ballistic tip for roe in this caliber ?

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    I doubt it is the ammo. I used 150grn powershok in my .308 to great effect on roe.

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    I undertand that you are new to stalking? If you search the forum you will find plenty of threads on how far mortally wounded deer can travel.

    Did you recover the carcasses in the end? If not, I would advise that you should follow up both strike points with a dog in order to confirm your strike, and if necessary track and dispatch any wounded deer. If you don't have your own dog, I'm sure that you could ask on the forum for assistance from a member local to you who has a dog trained for deer.

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    308rws has given you good advice. I was just a bit puzzled when you said the deer walked off never to be seen again. Are you saying the deer gave no sign at all of being hit? there must have been some sort of reaction to the shot even if you had thrown a stone and hit it, some sort of reaction could be expected. With the combination you used then you could expect to shoot a roe hundreds of yards away, what range were you at?, did you find any blood at the scene?, how far and for how long did you search for it? were you alone. I take it you saw the strike as you say they hit the mark. As it stands I can make no sense of it at all.


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    I have used 100gr Fed Powershok in my .243 on Sika and Fallow with great effect, as has been said there should have been some sort of reaction.

    Have a look here, might be worth the purchase-

    I am not a fan of using poly tipped/ballistic tip heads on deer, (There is a time and a place for everything but not for boiler room shots at 100m) I find they do just to much damage with the rapid expansion of the round.

    Keep us posted....


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    If it walked off slowly after a small jump you have hit it in the guts if it just walk off you missed it happens to us all. Do you have a dog

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    Just because you don’t find blood where the deer was standing don’t assume you have missed it, it can take a short while for blood to reach the floor if you hit the animal high on the back, follow the path the deer went and you might find blood or you’re animal. Best of all get a dog, if you are stalking near me (Dumfries and Galloway) I don’t mind following up with my dog in the future. Remember a wound is more likely than a complete miss. Wounded deer usually head down hill and if gut shot then to water with that in mind it might help you find your deer.

    Still you are using a 6.5X55 so you could of hit it right in the kill zone and it will run off OK…………………………………..Only joking Dave, Muir, and JayB.

    Best rgds


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    Well after searching for nearly 3 hours i have found nothing not even blood.i was about 80 yards away .the only thing i can think is i must have missed.i couldnt tell if there was a reaction as the sight picture jumps when the gun goes off.
    i think i need more shooting practice before i attempt any more shots on live quarry and not new bullets

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    Dont let it get to you! We have all done it and still do come to that. I shot 11 Roe this week and was out thursday evening and missed a head shot on a Doe at 100 yards. You just get conplacent sometimes and snatch the trigger

    Get your self out and shoot some paper at ranges out to 150 yards, dont just do it off a bonnet though, try putting your self on a dry stone dyke or off shooting sticks or even lying in a ditch. This is the kind of conditions you are likelly to shoot from if stalking.

    When you are hitting the bull every time shift to stalking some rabbits and shooting them at different ranges. The 6.5-55 is a fairly flat shooting round so bullet drop out to 150 ish should not be an issue.

    Keep us posted.


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    I am more inclined to believe you missed which is a good thing, no wounded beast on the loose. Don't worry about it because despite what some of the great and good say, it will happen.

    Just keep practising, it will come right.


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