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Thread: Camouflage for rifles and scopes etc

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    Camouflage for rifles and scopes etc

    Camouflage for rifles and scopes etc

    I have recently discovered a new paint for a perfect spray finish to rifles scopes etc.

    I am looking to see what people think of the finish before I put onto trade side

    Just need a few more posts and to be a member for more than the 30 days.

    Hope you all like it and please be honest if you hate it then well will go cry in a corner NOT...

    Thanks all

    More comments Pls

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    Looks great I would worry I might not find it again if I lay it on ground. Finish looks good but what is the finish like in a long term use test? I assume it adheres to all stocks both wood and synthetic but do you need to strip varnish? The bipod is painted is it affected the smoothness of use? Do you custom paint any stock and if so have you got a website with other pics?

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    I have run a lot of tests on durability and holds up well.

    As for the Bipods I do not spray the extendable legs as this is a moving part and would indeed end up taking paint off and maybe jamming the legs.

    Yes I can also custom any stock and believe it or not the synthetic ones are easier to do. the varnish on normal wood I key with light wool to get a good coherant bind.

    Hope this answers all

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    I brought a rifle very cheap with I think it was called "hydrographics" coating. I hated it and it was a devils own job to get off. I ended up stripping the stock right back, and had to file out the chequering with needle files. The metal work was stripped back to the primer then spray painted due to me not wanting to make a cheap buy into an expensive one. My only word of warning would be it's like a tattoo, you have it for life so make sure you are happy with it and that in future the re-sale value won't be harmed by it.

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    I think it looks great but i would have to be to coat my Z6i with it!!
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    Wow ! looks great much do you charge to do it for someone else's rifle

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    PM me when your on and let me know what you want done and will give you a price


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    Hi, they look really good mate really like the one on the left !!if I may ask what is the new paint you use??I have used krylon camo paint before but they are expensive and like rockin horse doo doo to get hold of !! Cheers paul

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    Krylon is fairly easy to get a hold of now, good paint and well tested too. I find it a little too spluttery out the nozzel as I rely on getting the fine detail throughout the coat's.

    I have indeed been through the assortment of paints out there experimenting on everything from metal wood and myself. (NOT intentional).

    PM me if want some work done.

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