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Thread: Lee shooter Vs Windows 7

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    Lee shooter Vs Windows 7

    about 10 years ago i started to use the Lee Shooter program not brilliant but it had all the information I wanted.
    this year I have had to buy a new PC and had to upgrade for win XP to win7 now the lee software loaded OK and works fine I just cant access my back up file something to do with the the 32 bit or 64 bit programs so I've lost the records for the last couple of years
    so any idea's on new software of how to access my old records.

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    I've no experience of this software but Windows 7 has an XP mode for older software. You have to download it and Windows Virtual PC from Microsoft. I changed PC a few days ago and stuff that won't run on Windows 7 works fine. it opens XP in a new window.

    Assuming your data is still there this may help.

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    Gully is right, Windows 7 has a compatibility mode which may be able to run your old XP program.

    The link here may be of some use:-

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    I got what I needed here:

    Download Windows XP Mode

    we have an old accountancy package in my company which is slowly being upgraded. I have lost the will to live waiting for my old PC so took the plunge and bought a new one to see if this XP mode works (I was told by the software supplier that it wouldn't!). Well, I've been running it for 2 days so far without a hitch so will be buying new PC's for everyone now.

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