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Thread: S&B 4-16x50 PH Classic

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    S&B 4-16x50 PH Classic 900 !!!!

    S&B 4-16x50 P3 Mill Dot ret with Side Px

    900 Reduced!

    Fully boxed, near mint condition. one tiny mark on tube. glass is perfect

    Not even a year old!

    One of the best scopes money can buy. P3 Mill dot also the best reticle!
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    I can vouch for these scopes a cracking piece of kit

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    hi there fella is it 30mm tube,and were are you in birmingham.
    im in walsall,can i come and have a look at scope please

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    City centre mate. Yes you can come look at it if your interested

    Also yes 30mm tube

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    can you send me contact details and we can take it
    from there cheers rockandroller

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