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Thread: 243. not big enough for sika stag ?

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    243. not big enough for sika stag ?

    My shooting partner called me this morning to say he had taken a sika stag last night from our ground. Shot from the high seat at about 110 yards. Detatched the heart but the beast still ran approx 100 yards. We are now in the thoughts that 243 100g just arnt upto the job on these tough beasts. Here's the prob. How do you convince the police that you need. Say a 308 for sika when I already have a 243.and a 223?

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    Give them the example you've just quoted?

    Although, I wouldn't say that what you've experienced is unknown for sika or even reds or other species of deer - it happens.

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    lol. Sorry. What I ment was how do you get a variation for a 308 with hiving up the 243 or 223

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    Just stick in a Firearms Form 101 for a variation for an extra .308 - purpose, deer/vermin/any other lawful quarry - it'll cost as its not a freebie one-for-one, but you shouldn't have to complete all the sections nor suffer inspections etc. as you'll have land/use already covered.

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    Just put in the variation with a covering letter explaining good reason. e.g 243 for smaller deer species such as roe etc. and 308 for big reds and sika,
    say you think there are better suited calibres for sika to insure a humane kill as they are notoriously tough and due to the ground you stalk you could very easily loose one in thick wood. Thats just what I would put. I shouldnt think it will be a problem.


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    When i applied for a variation for my .270 the police wanted a reason for having it as i also have a .222 & .243.
    I stated that the .243 is the minimum caliber for red deer in Scotland & that a .270 would insure a more humane kill.
    Also i sent in details of where the rifle would be used, got the variation back within a week.


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    Good advice there guys. Thanks. The only reason I asked was when I applied for my 243 the police wanted me to give up the 233

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    Scots Stalker

    there have been a few posts on here recently, including some from myself, that make reference to this topic. Some say that they never have an issue with Sika running after a shot. I however, found the opposite many years ago and for that reason shoot everything (where possible) in the neck or head. I have a trained dog but still a lot of bother trying to recover a big stag from thick woodland.

    IMO the calibre does not play as big a part in dropping them as the need for ensuring an exit hole. At least then there is a good chance of a blood trail for you and a dog to follow. A calibre like .243 may well not exit a big stag and as you no doubt know, that thick skin they grow round the shoulders and neck almost closes up behind the entrance hole leaving very little if any blood behind it.

    I shot a lot of Sika using a 25-06 with 100grn Hornady SP and the bullet a fair % of the time did not exit the neck.

    They really are tough at this time of year...

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    When I was approved for larger calibres than my .243, I argued that the 100g in .243 ideally requires a faster than 1:10 twist barrel, which is not factory standards,,and that the min. in scotland (100g) is not stabilising well at longer ranges on the hill. Additionally, I argued good ammo was not available for tough skinned deer in 100g for .243. seemed to do the job :-)

    however,...the .243 always did the job fine in the first place, but 'I' found I didn't have the confidence to take shots on the hill over 125yds or so, in the fear of it not being 'enough gun' and ending up with runners...that left me with problems getting the numbers culled I had promised the landowner. A bigger calibre inspires confidence, and that goes a long way. Also, of course, it may give a bit more of a 'shock' due to the larger bullet, which 'may' drop the beast faster..that's always debateable of course.

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    My god! if I had known that a .243 was not capable of shots of over 125 yards on the hill, I would never have got one
    it would also have left me with a problem getting my numbers culled.


    If you want a bigger calibre fine, but tell the truth.

    Some 1 in 10 barrels don't seem to stabilise 100g bullets but not them all
    Good ammo is not available in 100g!
    Not enough gun to get your cull numbers.

    Obviously your FEO doesn't know much about rifles or calibres if you had pulled that nonsense with mine it would have guaranteed you would not have got a variation.

    Now I believe the original post was about Sika and I am prepared to accept that a heavier calibre may be an advantage for them
    the only Sika I have shot were hybrids and never had a problem with .243 for them

    Now I have shot thousands of deer on the open hill with quite a few stags being in excess of 20 stone and have never found I was under gunned.

    As I said in a previous post the only time I found that a heavier calibre was an advantage was in thick woodland
    where a beast might run a bit just as dead with the .243 but might be a bit
    harder to find than with a large calibre.

    True there might be not as much room for error with .243 as with a bigger calibre,but IMO you don't make up for faults in your marksmanship by getting a larger calibre.

    I am seeing this more and more with clients especially Continentals [ it won't go anywhere no matter where I hit it]


    Rant over

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